Flawless skin is every girl's dream. However, in real life keeping your skin flawless is challenging. Besides the sun and dryness that we try so much to avoid, there are pigmentation and scars! And there is nothing worse than getting scars on your skin, which is something that happens often and very easily. At first, it’s a superficial scratch then it leaves a mark and turns into a permanent scar. Today I will let you in on how to treat scars or remove them completely.

How to preventing scarring

When you get a simple scratch on your skin the first thing you probably do is wash it with soap or apply a sterilizing product, this will help disinfect but it will leave a permanent mark on your skin and you definitely don't want that.

If you happen to get a scratch or a slight cut on your hand or face or any part of your skin, you must immediately apply an antibiotic cream. This will disinfect it and prevent it from leaving a permanent mark on the skin and once it's healed it will disappear completely. Antibiotic cream can be found in any pharmacy and you don't need a prescription to buy it. There are different types, but if you have sensitive skin go for the ones that have less cortisone in the ingredients.

This way works for a simple superficial scratch. However, if you get a deep wound you should disinfect it properly.

How to remove an existing scar

The best way to remove an existing scar is laser treatments. Although some scars may never completely disappear, most of them usually do. and if it doesn't disappear laser treatment may still make it less visible.

There are many kinds of lasers that could be used in treating scars including pulse laser and fractional laser, and depending on your case you should ask your dermatologist to decide what is best for you.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @davidsbridal