Finding a good quality facial wash has become a 'Mission Impossible' for me! I know it might sound a bit dramatic, but who hasn’t struggled to find a good-quality facial cleanser without paying too much?! If I had saved all the money that I’ve spent on those crazy/expensive face washes, I would have bought my own home!

After years of experimenting with cleansers from the cheapest to the most expensive ones, finally, last year, I’ve found a good quality cleanser that can actually CLEANSE my skin and leave it in amazing condition without paying too much. 

Ladies let me introduce you to the EVA Facial Wash And Make-up Remover Enriched with Yogurt and Cucumber! Yes, you’ve read right! It’s EVA, the brand we’ve grown up watching our mothers use.

EVA Facial Wash has one of the best formulas that you’ll find in any other expensive cleanser, but with a cheaper price. It has a soft, creamy, and white texture that removes your make-up and cleanses your skin from all the dirt that it collected during the day. It’s super gentle on your skin, doesn’t strip off the essential oils that your face needs, and it will not leave you with dry patches on your skin. It's great for those who have sensitive, oily skin—like me—for it won’t cause any kind of irritation, redness, or dryness. 

EVA Facial Wash will cleanse your face and leave it soft, clean, and fresh with no impurities, ready for your toner and moisturizer. It prevents your skin from looking shiny and removes the excess oil that could clog your pores. It’s enriched with yogurt and cucumber that balance the skin moisture. Moreover, it’s a soap-free face wash with a great smell. Plus, it's easy to use, all you need to do is, wash your face and neck, massage the facial wash with the tips of your fingers in a circular motion, and then wash your face well.

If you care about the packaging like I do, well, EVA played it simple. It comes in a simple, yet, elegant white and green package that is easy to open; however, it won’t leak in your bag. It comes in different formulas for different skin types; for example, you’ll find a face wash for Dry skin, Oily skin, and Combination skin. As for the sizes, it comes in a 150ml package that will last you for a whole month or even two. 

As for the exciting thing about this product, it's affordable, costing 23 L.E. 

PS: Before you buy any face wash, please make sure that you’ve done your skin type test to prevent any kind of damage or irritation. Also, there isn’t a face wash that can remove freckles! 

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