Rumors and weird facts about blackheads just keep floating here and there. That's why I decided to share with you more information about blackheads. Getting rid of blackheads naturally might sound easy, yet you need to understand some facts about your skin beforehand.

1. Why are they black? Since blackheads are originally widened hair follicles, they are often blocked, due bacteria and excess oils hitting the surface, that is why they turn black. 

2. What irritates blackheads? Makeup that is oily or creamy can increase the possibility of having blackheads.

3. Can nose strips cure blackheads? Nose strips only aren't very effective when it comes to treating blackheads. A sufficient skincare routine accompanied by a healthy diet that is full of sufficient amount of water is the key.

4. Did you know that over-washing your face is absolutely harmful? Over-cleansing will lead to a reflex action and produce extra oil on your face.

5. Acnes and blackheads aren't only restricted on your teenage years. Blackheads has nothing to do with age. 

6. When you have blackheads, this doesn't mean that this part of your face is the only place that's affected. Treat your entire face because if one part is affected, then the problem is common, and your face is more prone to acne.

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