The Earring Trends of 2022, Every Look You Both Want and Need

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10/6/21, 12:00 AM

Earrings are a staple in any girls staple accessories, but there’s so many different types, styles, shapes, and colours to choose from. And surely, we shouldn’t be limited in our variety, so there really is a huge diversity in the ones we can look at or think about buying and adding to our daily looks. The perfect set of hoops can last you years and even be passed down through generations, which is why it’s important to pick wisely. With so many to choose from, we give you the ones you’ll be seeing everywhere next year. Without further a due, here are the top 10 earring trends of 2022, yes, earrings.

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The top 10 earring trends of 2022:

Statement Earrings 

earrings 2022

Image credits: Dua Lipa

Okay, we’ve been seeing some serious looks on the runways, and designers seem to be focusing heavily on jewellery and accessories. But we’ve been seeing some earrings that -if we may- are a little, over the top, dramatic and meant to get your attention. I mean, these are the perfect way to turn a basic outfit into a not so basic, but attention-grabbing one. It’s daring, yet so worth it.

Fustany’s extra piece of advice: Make sure your outfit does not clash or is too ‘noisy’, so the overall look isn’t distracting or too much, instead opt for a look with basic colour palettes or a couple of solid colours, not patterns.

 Chandelier Earrings

earrings 2022

Image credits: Vogue Arabia

These insanely long earrings kind of remind me of the 2000s, but they can be made to look so elegant at the same time. The point of this earring look is for the earrings to go down your face, while complementing it at the same time. These can be worn for events such as weddings or engagements, birthdays or just a night out. We’d try and not to wear these on a simple day. These might not be for everyone but can really level up your outfit just like the statement ones.

Fustany’s extra piece of advice: Prepare in advance and remember that chandelier earrings are a statement within themselves. Make sure the collar and top of your outfit matches well. Also, chandelier earrings are perfect for weddings, invest in a good piece as it could last you all season!

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Tube Hoops

earrings 2022

Image credits: Hailey Bieber

Wait, there are different types of hoops? Well, apparently so! We know that there’s hoops that are bigger or smaller, thicker, or slimmer, some with designs and some plain, but we never realized that there were in fact different designs of hoops. Tube hoops are one of the more standard designs of the hoop, they are just the classic hoop. These can be super cute for casual looks and can even be dressed up or layered (perhaps for a stacked earring look). The most classic hoop design, we know you already have a couple pairs of these in your collection. To us, these serve casual chicness in an accessory!

Fustany’s extra piece of advice: There really is no right or wrong one with this one,  invest in a good classic pair of tube hoops wisely, preferably real sterling silver or actual gold as with time, the others will oxidize and you will have to buy new ones anyway, so you might as well just buy good ones from the beginning. 

The Bamboo Hoops

Hello, 2007, it’s me, can you hear me? No, but seriously, I used to steal these from anyone that would give them to me, and I know that sounds ridiculous. We never thought we’d see the return of the bamboo hoop, but it’s here. The bamboo hoop is chunkier in design and imitates the pattern of bamboo, they also tend to be a little bit bigger. These are perfect for any occasion, as they are both simple and edgy at the same time and can easily be made into a statement. This is on our staples for the new year, and we’re going to start frantically looking for them ASAP.

Fustany’s piece of advice: Try and stick to a casual outfit, as these hoops are usually bigger in size, it can look a little weird with a lot of details.

The croissant hoops

earrings 2022

Image credits: kayxchong

The name? Adorable. The hoop? Adorable. These are like a mini version of bamboo hoops, but their texture or the engraving of the hoops are a little different, and they actually look like croissants! We’ve been seeing these on many social media influencers accounts, and they really are the perfect everyday hoop in our opinion. These really do give us French girl vibe, running around champs Elysée with a newspaper and a cup of coffee, they’ll make any girl look like that level of chic.

Fustany’s piece of advice: Go for neutral colours with this one, and make sure you are not wearing any jewellery that doesn’t match with the colour of the hoops (if you’re wearing gold hoops, don’t wear anything silver and vice versa).

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Pearl earrings… but make it trendy 

earrings 2022

Image credits: Vivian hoorn

Hear us out, we’ve been seeing a lot of pearls lately. Not just pearl necklaces, but pearl earrings, and not in the traditional sense. Earrings with a random pearl or two. Baroque pearls are all the rage right now, and you can pretty much find them anywhere. A twist to the traditional pearl, this look mixes classic and modern fashions together.

Fustany’s piece of advice: Plan this one out accordingly, pearls don’t match with every outfit, if it’s a casual look, try stick to neutral colours as well. Pearls are usually worn on bigger occasions but has evolved to become a daily classic too.

Geometric earrings

earrings 2022

Image credits: Pinterest

Weirdly shaped, or better said, randomly shaped earrings like hexagons and octagons are apparently a trend we should keep an eye out for, and we don’t mind it. They can be worn with many casual looks, or more glammed up ones as well. 

Fustany’s piece of advice: Geometric earrings can be worn anywhere on your ear, as they come in different shapes and sizes, so you can put some on the piercings on the top of your ears, and layer them down to the earlobes.

Mismatched earrings

earrings 2022

Image credits: gildaambrosio

The point of mismatched earrings is to have one that contrasts the other in shape and design, to create an edgy yet polished look. We know it might sound a little weird, but when done well, can really make your look.

Fustany’s piece of advice: If you’re hesitant about this one, try it first with two random earrings and see how you feel. Once you’re okay about it, go and look for some more.

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Celestial earrings

earrings 2022

Image credits: Pinterest

These make us feel like we’re in the starry night painting by Van Gogh, and we’re in love. They work for whatever style you feel like rocking, a girly look for a date, or a more edgy look with biker boots. 

Fustany’s piece of advice: This dreamy look will look so good with different shades of blue as well as black and white, you’ll be out here looking like an angel.

Stacked earrings

earrings 2022

Image credits: Pinterest

These are a forever jewellery favourite in our head, it’s everything you need, classy, chic, edgy and fashionable. They can be done in so many different ways, and in fact, can be bought in their own sets. This is, however, for the girls who have multiple piercings in their ears. However, the look can be faked with clip on ear cuffs and can be pulled off like the real deal. Either way, you’ll look so good in these.

Fustany’s piece of advice: You can’t go wrong with these, either invest in a good set of earrings to stack if you’re smart, or buy affordable ones from any store, like H&M.



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