15 Types of Heels You Should Know When Buying New Shoes

Mariam Youssef
7/3/23, 12:00 PM

You must be well knowledgeable about all of the numerous kinds of shoes that are available if you consider yourself a heel enthusiast. Indeed, it is true that there are many various sorts of heels, and that there are numerous ways to wear them. You can never have a lot of shoes, so this article will assist you in choosing some of the most incredible heels that are just right for you. So without putting any pressure on yourself, scroll down and discover 15 types of heels. Let's go! It's time for you to show off various heels each day and grab attention everywhere you go!

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Stilettos Shoes

Stiletto heels are the ideal heel style if you want to increase your height, make a statement, or look naturally tall. The tallest (and hottest) form of heels is the stiletto. However, because of their height and extremely thin heels, wearing them can be difficult. Because some stilettos can reach 20 cm, wearing these kinds of heels occasionally also requires bravery.

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Peep Toes

Peep-toe heels, as the name implies, expose your toes. This style of heel is a fantastic way to show off your well-manicured toes if you have had a pedicure. Thanks to the peephole at the front, this heeled shoe is available in a variety of sizes and forms.

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Wedge Heels

We'd be astonished if you don't own a pair of wedge shoes. Like other high heels, these fashionable heels are plentiful, yet there is no space between the heel and the sole. This makes it easier to walk on grass and provides more stability. They also help to appropriately distribute your weight.

Platform Heels

Platform heels come in a variety of heights, from short to tall. Platforms may be identified by the sole. The thick sole of platform heels gives them a hefty appearance. You can find platform boots, stilettos and even trainers everywhere.

Kitten Heels

Every shoe lover's dream comes true when they discover a comfortable heel. The best heel to choose if you want to wear it for a long time is a kitten heel. Kitten heels are an excellent option if you're uncomfortable walking with taller heels because they don't go much higher than 8 cm. For taller women, kitten heels are another popular option.


You're missing out if your closet doesn't have at least one pair of pumps. You can dress them up or down with a number of clothes because they go with so many different looks. Pumps can serve as both professional heels and a stylish pair of shoes for heading out. The heel height on pumps is usually between 5 and 8 cm, so it is not uncomfortable. It is good for extended durations of time.

Cone Heels

Like a cone, cone heels are somewhat broader at the top and tapered as they descend, staying true to their name. They are offered in all models and lengths. These are excellent for ladies who don't frequently wear heels. They are classy and ideal for professional or daytime gatherings where stiletto heels don't perform well.

Ankle Strap Heels

Are you one of those who prefer the sense of having a secure shoe and wearing strapped shoes all the time? Then you may cross that item off your list and wear ankle strap heels. If your ankles and legs are not slender and toned or if you are small, stay away from these. For showing off lengthy legs, these shoes are ideal.

Cut-out Heels

If you can pull them off, cutout heels are thought to be highly fashionable and are growing in popularity. Although they come in a variety of sizes and forms, all of these shoes share the feature of being cut out, which gives them a tidy and sensual appearance. These can be useful if you have a last-minute party idea and need to add zhuzh to your outfit.

Sling Back Heels

Stilettos or pumps that don't fit properly on your feet in the back make you uncomfortable, right? Nothing to worry about; sling backs are the solution. They have straps that hold them together and improve the appearance of the foot and shoes. These look great with opaque tights in the winter or with skirts and pants in the summer. They always look fantastic.

Chunky Heels

If you love heels and have tried every style there is, you might find this interesting. The heels are often thick and provide you with a firm base that allows you to walk comfortably. Chunky heels include the well-known Mary Jane style with low-block heels. Choose simple outfits to let the shoes stand out because the heels are typically big and quirky.

Espadrille Heels

One of the most comfy types of footwear is the espadrille, which has been around for a while. The heels, on the other hand, are brand-new to the line yet are popular for the exact same reason. Natural fibers are used to make the base, and cloth, leather, etc. are used to make the upper portion.


Mule heels make slipping on and off shoes a breeze. It's not difficult to spot a mule because of how high the top of the shoe rises above the arch of your foot. Mules come in a variety of heel heights and can be either open or closed. The 90s classic looks great in leather, canvas, or suede.

Lace-up Heels

Lace-up heels are a style of shoe that has survived through the ages, deriving either from the ballerina shoe or the Roman gladiator sandals. Ballerina shoes are feminine and exude grace and sophistication. The gladiator shoes, however, exude power and sharpness.

Fantasy Heels

As the name suggests, these heels are inspired by anything and everything artistic. From cages to circles to flowers, the options are endless. If you can find these heels, you’ll be super lucky.

How many pairs of shoes of the mentioned above do you already own? You should know that not all shoe types can look good on you. Therefore, you have to try on several types of heels to know which one suits you best.




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