Ready For a Piercing? Here Are The Best Piercing Places in Cairo

Mariam Youssef
5/4/23, 1:00 PM

Probably all of us have had our ears pierced when we were infants, and that’s something we’re forever thankful for. But nowadays, piercings are everywhere…literally! Not only do people pierce their ears in various spots, but they also go for the weirdest of places in their bodies and pierce them. Today, we have nose, belly button, lip, eyebrow, collarbone piercings, and more that also vary in positions according to preferences. If you’re into piercings and want to go for one but don’t know any professional places, we’ve got you covered. Read this article to know the best places to get piercings in Cairo.

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Piercing Egypt

At Piercing Egypt, you can get anything you want from head to toe. Not only is it specialized in doing any kind of piercing, but it also offers a wide selection of accessories to decorate your piercings, such as earrings, nose, and belly button accessories.

Contact Information

Instagram: Piercing Egypt

Facebook: Piercing Egypt

Website: Piercing Egypt

Phone number: 01119338164

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Piercing by Dr. Merna Magdy

At Dr. Merna Magdy’s, you’re in good hands. She’s a professional certified body piercer and ADA-certified botox and fillers injector as well. So, you can get the whole package in one place, knowing that you’ll get the best service ever.

Contact Information

Instagram: Piercing by Dr. Merna Magdy

Facebook: Piercing by Dr. Merna Magdy

Phone number: 01288850320

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Arts Piercing Egypt

This place specializes in a wide range of all body piercing and sells all body jewelry. Its high-quality piercings, unique products, and moderate prices make this place one of the best.

Contact Information

Instagram: Arts Piercing Egypt

Facebook: Arts Piercing Egypt

Phone number: 01030996863

Hotty Piercing Clinic

As the name suggests, you will get a piercing (or piercings) that will make you a hotty! They specialize in all types of piercings. It is mandatory to book an appointment before you go though. Note also that this place offers piercings for girls only.

Contact Information

Instagram: Hotty Piercing Clinic

Facebook: Hotty Piercing Clinic

Phone number: 01145146777 / 01123298703

Ignite Piercings

Whether you want to go for a simple nose ring or a loud fully-pierced ear moment, Ignite Piercings will not disappoint you. They may be on the pricey side though since they deal with celebrities.

Contact Information

Instagram: Ignite Piercings

Facebook: Ignite Piercings

Tima Tattoo Piercing

Fatima, Tima for short, is a certified tattoo and piercing artist and instructor. Not only can you get your desired piercing at her place, but you can also choose a tattoo to go with it (if you’re into tattoos).

Contact Information

Instagram: Tima Tattoo Piercing

Facebook: Tima Tattoo Piercing

Phone number: 01552275161

The Tat Cat

Here’s another place where you can get both piercings and tattoos at the same place. Go crazy and choose a piercing in an even crazier spot in your body to look unique and show off your quirky personality.

Contact Information

Instagram: The Tat Cat

Facebook: The Tat Cat

Website: The Tat Cat

Phone number: 0101178 0365

ORA Piercing

Accessorize every spot in your body at ORA Piercing. They offer all types of piercings and have a variety of jewelry that will make your piercings extra special and unique.

Contact Information

Instagram: ORA Piercing

Piercing Bombs

At Piercing Bombs, you’ll get your piercing by a certified piercer and can also buy titanium items to pamper your piercings.  

Contact Information

Instagram: Piercing Bombs

Facebook: Piercing Bombs


At PiercEva, you will not only get your piercings done by a certified professional body piercer with a medical background, but you can also shop and style your piercings. This place guarantees a unique and special experience.

Contact Information

Instagram: PiercEva

Facebook: PiercEva

Phone number: 01066033114

Atlas Piercings

Sam Omran, the owner of Atlas Piercings, never fails to amaze her customers with the finest and most unique piercings. Check out her page to see the weirdest yet stunning piercings.

Contact Information

Instagram: Atlas Piercings

Facebook: Atlas Piercings

Phone number: 01158863248
Are you ready to accessorize your body and make it look even more unique and stylish? Which one will you try? Let us know!




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