Sunglasses shopping can be a bore sometimes. Too many options and you just can't find the right one. I say the best way to start is with your budget to narrow down the endless possibilities. Within that budget choose what fits your face shape or your Hijab wrap and the quality of the lens, how far do they prevent UV rays and how good can you see when you put them on. I have done my search and found 5 sunglasses that are under 500 EGP that you can easily find at local stores in the nearest shopping mall or order online.

Cat-eye Sunglasses From Mango


Cat-eye sunglasses had a very strong comeback this year. They were so popular in the 60s' and it's not hard to guess why. They are very feminine and made exclusively for women. They look good on various face shapes including oval and rectangular. The pair in the picture is called winged cat-eye sunglasses as there are many different cat-eye glasses shapes. It is very trendy to wear them in black and you can find an affordable pair at Mango.

Shield Sunglasses From Stradivarius


Sheild sunglasses do a great job protecting your eyes from the sun because they are large in size. They also give you this modern futuristic look which makes it great to style with casual outfits. If you have round or heart-shaped face then you can definitely pull it off. And if you are looking for an affordable pair check out the ones I found in Stradivarius.

Aviator Sunglasses From Bershka


I am not a huge fan of Aviator sunglasses but let's admit it, its an all-time classic and probably was one of the very first sunglasses shapes to be made. They can match most face shapes especially round and preferred to be worn with your hair down. If you are a fan, check out the cool pair I found at Bershka.

Round Sunglasses With Chain From Parfois


Sunglasses with chains are another vintage comeback. I know they remind you of your grandma's eyeglasses but they really are so cool and are very popular this season. They also make it easy to carry your sunglasses around and not have to put it in your purse each time you go into a building or shaded areas. This pair from Parfois look stunning and has tiger prints on the upper edges which gives you even more reasons to love it.

Rubee Flat Top Sunglasses From Accessorize


If you have an oval face This shape can work well for you, as well as heart-shape. They come in many colors so you can style them with as many outfits as you want. This pair comes in a nude color for a soft morning look.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @loveisinthehair_