We are in 2021, and it is safe to say that most local brands are producing such beautiful pieces of high quality that you can't tell whether it is from an international or local brand, but we can proudly say that it is all 100% made in Egypt. Quite a few of our favorite stars have been spotted rocking these local brands and we just had to break it down for you. 

Check out these 11 stylish celebrities supporting local brands: 

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1. Hend Sabri 

It hurts to say that summer is almost over, but Hend Sabri said goodbye to summer in a colorful beach cover-up by Shereen Abulaban. This summer, beach cover-ups were very popular, and everyone was wearing them in various styles and ways, but Hend Sabri is the clear winner for her one-of-a-kind cover-up.

Shereen AbuLaban is known for her vibrant silk material, which can be worn in a variety of ways. The majority of her designs are only for the summer, and she is best known for her silk skirts. And you think summer is over by now? Yes, it is, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't put it on your  list of things to buy for next summer; after all, we're all waiting to see if there will be a winter collection this year or not.

2. Nelly karim

Everyone's favorite ballerina, Nelly Karim, is known for her daring style, and she wowed us this Ramadan in a Zed commercial, wearing a red jumpsuit that complimented her figure. Sara Onsi is the woman behind this lovely design. Red is a daring color that can be difficult to pull off, but Nelly Karim made it look effortlessly chic.

Sara Onsi is an Egyptian designer best known for her bridal line. She also creates soiree gowns, but we always see beautiful brides in Sara's designs, making their special day magical. Her designs always have a dazzling touch to them that you can see from a long distance

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3. Assala 

Sola, the angelic voice we adore, is always a supporter of local brands, and she dazzled us with a jewelry set from Dima Jewelry, and we had to get our own set after seeing how lovely they looked on her.

Dima Jewelry  was founded in 2002 and is known for their one-of-a-kind pieces that will transform your outfit from blah to wow who's that gurl? Their sets are so colorful that they can be worn with a black or white outfit to make them the center of attention, or they can be worn with a bold color like Assala.

4. Mona Zaki 

Mona Zaki is known for her glamorous style, and during her interview in Sahibet Al Saada, she wore a red suit designed by Nour Azazy, and she looked dashing, with a simple hairstyle, and the suit complimented her petite body so well, the entire look was extra glamours.

Designer Nour Azazy has two brands, one for bridal gowns and one for evening gowns, and both have great designs that will make you look stunning at any event you attend. We've seen her designs on the red carpet at many events, including the Cairo Film Festival Opening Ceremony, where Mais Hamdan wore one of her creations.

5. Asmaa Galal 

Asmaa Galal, the beautiful actress, is known for her fun personality and her very stylish style; she supported the Egyptian brand Sas Corner, and we loved the top so much that I've already planned an outfit around it when I get mine!

Sas Corner is an African-inspired brand, and the majority of their designs feature bright, bold, and colorful patterns that can be styled for a fun morning look or a glamorous night look. Because it's wedding season, and if you're looking for something different to wear, a matching set from Sas Corner is the best option.

6. Malak Ahmed Zaher 

Malak Ahmed Zaher's style is very simple yet elegant, and she showed her support for the Egyptian local brand Cocan Bags, which she styled with an oversized shirt and jeans, and the bag definitely made a statement.

Cocan Bags is an Egyptian brand known for structured leather handbags and one-of-a-kind wooden handbags that will undoubtedly stand out in any outfit. They have designs that can be worn in the morning and designs that will look very stylish at night.

7.  Cynthia khalifeh

Cynthia Khalifeh, a beautiful Lebanese actress, is known for her very elegant style, and she wowed us all in a Gia Dress layered with a Suede Trinetta Jacket from Farah Seif designs, giving us a sexy worrier style.

Farah Seif's designs are known for adding a unique twist to a suit or blazer. If you're looking for something formal but not too boring, Farah Seif is the place to go. Most of the designs are edgy and one-of-a-kind, and you won't find anything like it anywhere else. Her summer collection was inspired by the 1990s, and she certainly gave us a major throwback with a 2021 twist.

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8. Mayan El Sayed

Mayan El Sayed, a young actress, is known for her youthful spirit, which is reflected in her style and the fun videos she uploads. During her interview with Mona El Shazly in May, she was wearing an all-white outfit and statement earrings from Menna Boudy's collection, which suited her sleek look perfectly and was a new look to see Mayan El Sayed in.

Menna Boudy is an Egyptian jewelry brand known for their chunky pieces. For this summer's collection, she was inspired by the sea and created dangling shell earrings with a matching bracelet, which will look great with any outfit.

9. Arwa Gouda

Arwa Gouda is one of those actresses who can pull off anything and look chic; she recently attended a wedding and showed her support for her sister's brand Yash mask; her outfit was simple, but her mask was not!

Yash Mask is a brand that focuses on making masks, but not just any masks, but unique ones that you can wear to an event. They use very unique fabrics such as tulle, sequins, and shells, and they are very fun masks that will make you forget about the sad situation we are in. If you're planning on attending a wedding and want a one-of-a-kind mask, Yash Mask is the place to go.

10. Carmen Soliman 

Carmen Soliman is known for her incredible voice and her simple but always elegant style. Attending a wedding in June, and she wore a very elegant gold gown that looked amazing on her. We loved the corset part, which is very popular this year, and the designer behind this beautiful creation Maison Moe.

Maison Moe is a designer best known for his evening gowns, but he also creates suits for men. Most of his designs are figure-flattering gowns, and we adore how his gowns look on celebrities. And if you have a wedding coming up and want something to complement your figure and make you sexy, Maison Moe has a lot of options you'll love.

11. Amina Khalil

Amina Khalil wore a glamour boho look to Rami Kadi's 10th Anniversary fashion show in June. We loved the whole look, and she made gladiator sandals look very fashionable, and the sleek hairstyle that is very trendy just looked stunning on her. But it was her earrings from Exi Element that caught our attention.

Exi element is a contemporary jewelry brand known for their signature earrings that are pin and cuffs at the same time, giving your outfit an edgy look, and if you ever wanted to wear a couple of earrings but your ears are only pierced for one earring, you will find plenty of options as if you are wearing different earrings but your actually wearing just one.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @Sooch, @ dimajewellery, @asmaa_galal