The moment we've all been waiting for is here. The Crown season 4 is finally out on Netflix and everyone's excited to see Princess Diana, the actress Emma Corrin playing her, her character and story to begin. Of course The Crown is known to create very accurate representations of real life looks and settings, so we thought we'd take a look at Princess Diana's looks in the crown vs. real life...

Princess Diana in The Crown season 4:

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Princess Diana's red dress

princess Diana red dress the crown

Image Credits: IMDb - Princess Diana News Blog

This simple red dress was almost an exact replica of the original. A stunning red on Diana with gold dotted detailing. A classic and timeless piece. 

Princess Diana's wedding dress in The Crown 

princess Diana wedding dress the crown

Image Credits: IMDb - Getty Images Via Wedded Wonderland

One of the most iconic royal wedding dresses of all time was recreated for the show. The original design for Diana was by Elizabeth and David Emanuel. David actually collaborated with the costume designer on the show, Amy Roberts.

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Princess Diana's purple evening dress

princess Diana purple red dress the crown

Image Credits: IMDb - David Levenson/Getty Images Via Town & Country

We think this purple dress took inspiration from one for evening dresses that was in the same shade of purple but with slightly different details. Side by side we can see how the idea came to be, along with some other of her evening dresses, including a blue dress that she once wore with the same shawl idea.

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Princess Diana's blue hat

princess Diana blue outfit the crown

Image Credits: Netflix Via Hollywood Reporter - Getty Images Via Harper's Bazaar  

The traditional royal hats were seen on Diana and in beautiful shades like these blue ones. The crown replicated one of them pretty accurately and paired it was blue skirt and blouse combo that references a lot of her 80s looks. 

Princess Diana's overalls and prints

princess Diana yellow jumpsuit the crown

Image Credits: IMDbGetty/Anwar Hussein Via PopSugar - Tim Graham/Getty Images

Diana wore a lot of quirky and bold prints. This outfit from The crown showed us a glimpse of that and these overalls she wore before. 

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Princess Diana's pink dress in The Crown

princess Diana pink dress the crown

Image Credits: Splash News Via Refinery 29 - Via Pinterest

An almost identical look to the original. This bright pink dress was something to remember and  great reference to Diana's style in the 80s.

Princess Diana's yellow outfit

princess Diana yellow outfit the crown

Image Credits: IMDb - Via Pinterest

This color and other shades of yellow were worn more than once by Diana and this was probably a reference to that. She also was known for her amazing skirt suits which this outfit reminded us of as well. 

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Princess Diana maternity looks

princess Diana maternity dress the crown

Image Credits: Splash News Via The Sun - Harper's Bazaar

There was a glimpse of Diana pregnant in The Crown. We think it could have been an ode to some of her maternity looks, like this blue loose dress and scrunched sleeve. 

Princess Diana's sweaters and collars 

princess Diana sweaters the crown

Image Credits: IMDb - Yahoo! movies - Tim Graham/Getty Image Via Cosmopolitan

Diana was the queen of sweaters, she even transitioned her love for them on to the 90s with some of her most iconic street style looks, you must remember the biker shorts and Harvard sweater. Earlier, she wore sweater vests and some like the unforgettable red sheep sweater. We also noticed pronounced lace collars as a part of her wardrobe. 

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Princess Diana's blue suit

princess Diana blue outfit the crown

Image Credits: Netflix Via WION - Rex Features Via Vogue UK 

This blue suit was quite something and we're glad The Crown made almost a replica of it so we can appreciate it even more. This color was stunning on her and the bow detailing along with the scalloped blazer lining is definitely memorable. 

Princess Diana floral dresses


Image Credits: IMDb - Tim Graham/Getty - Via Twitter - Rex Features Via Glamour - PA Photos Via Glamour

We couldn't find an exact replica of the dress she wore on The Crown, but it is evident looking at some of Diana's Dresses that florals were a big part of her wardrobe. The ethereal evening gown, she wore here in the picture in the middle, is one of her most unforgettable looks. 

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