Most of us spent a lot of our time watching the Ramadan Series 2020, which seemed to be hugely diverse this year. However, we couldn't help but notice that there were a lot of actresses that had eye catching fashion and outfits worn on there TV series, from everyday casual wear to formal wear and modern 2020 trends. How about we take a tour of this year's best celebrity fashion and outfits from the Ramadan 2020 series?

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Yousra's fashion in 'Kheyanet Ahd'


We've always loved Yousra's elegance and style, whether it's on festival red carpets, movies or television. Although simple practical and casual wear were mostly worn by her this year, she had some other eye catching pieces like the blue maxi dress. Also, her character was reflected the choice of clothes, especially when she wore the red floral dress and printed animal kaftan. 

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Yasmine Abdel Aziz's outfits in 'W Neheb Tany Leh'


Yasmine Abdel Aziz's style is very similar to her character's on the show, especially with the floral dresses. Her outfits were mostly simple and casual, with pieces like cardigans, jeans and T-shirts.  They could be good inspo for girls looking for modern and practical looks.

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Stephanie Saliba's fashion in 'Al Saher'


Stephanie Saliba was consistent with showing her followers on Instagram her looks form her show.  They were diverse, but all very elegant and inspiring for any woman. We loved the blazer and short skirt pairing, as well as, the short printed evening dress. Also, you can't go wrong with a simple blouse and high waisted dress pants.

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Riham Haggag's outfits in 'Lama Kona Soghayareen'


Riham Haggag's outfits were really diverse, especially because there were a lot of flashbacks. A lot of them were really cool and bold outfits, even when they were casual looks. She wore bright colors like lavender and for formal wear she wore pencil skirts and chiffon dresses. 

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Dina El Sherbiny's fashion in 'Le3bet El Nesyan'


Dina El Sherbiny wore a lot of chic, elegant outfits, especially with the flashback events. She wore shorts with a blazer and short cocktail dresses, but most of her looks throughout the show were casual. She also appeared in a wedding dress that was extremely simple and elegant. 

Maguy Bou Ghosn's Fashion in 'Awlad Adam'


Maguy plays the role of a judge and so her looks varied between dark-toned formal suits in green, black and white. She also wore a blazer with a skirt to fit her character's role.