The first, and only, time I met Yousra she asked me if her lipstick looked okay after she had just finished applying a shade borrowed from her friend's purse. It only took me 3 minutes, even though I remained starstruck, to feel like I had known her my entire life. She exuded comfort, a beautiful energy and you almost never catch her without a smile.

People always love to talk about the dress, with Yousra you can't help but notice how she carries the dress. She walks with grace and elegance and you can almost instantly tell how much she loves fashion and looking fabulous. She is known for being the legendary, forever youthful actress who reminds everyone of the true meaning of how clearly beauty from within shows.

She loves experimenting with fashion and makeup, it's always exciting to see what she'll grace the red carpet with and she knows how to pull off anything. She loves looking sexy, elegant and classic and her golden hair is always the cherry on top, along with her smile.

Let's take a look, and notes, at some of Yousra's fashion and beauty moments below. 

All Image Credits: Instagram @norayoussef_photography Via Instagram @yousrawyagroup