We've all heard the expression "rules were made to be broken," and I personally believe that in fashion, there are no rules to follow; it's more about wearing what makes you feel confident in yourself and looks sexy. Fashion savvy women follow a few different rules that keep them stylish and on-trend, but they also have their own unique style that is not limited to wearing the latest trends. In this article, I'll show you 7 fashion rules that all fashion-savvy women swear by to keep them looking stylish even when running errands.

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1. Gender-specific clothing

fashion savvy women

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We can all agree that we enjoy stealing clothes from our brothers' closets, or that your husband just bought a new shirt, and an outfit immediately came to mind when you saw it. And who said suits were only made for men?

2. Crop tops are for every body type

fashion savvy women

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Whoever said a certain body type should only wear crop tops is clearly mistaken, and we've seen a lot of savvy women style crop tops in such fashionable ways, that you'll want to turn all your regular t-shirts into crop tops. 

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3. Outfits with sequins

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Sparkly clothing is no longer just for special occasions; it can also be styled for a casual look. Every savvy woman understands the importance of including a statement piece in her outfit, and a sparkly item does the trick.

4. Accessorizing 

fashion savvy women

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Your outfit isn't complete without accessorizing! More accessories are always better than no accessories. Get out those big statement earrings and pair them with bold lipstick if you want to stand out.

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5. Color Blocking outfits

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Pulling off a color-blocking outfit can be a little tricky; it's either a hit or miss, but the whole point of a color-blocking outfit is to wear something unique, colors that you never thought would look good together, but end up looking very fashionable.

6. Skip the matchy-matchy handbag and shoes

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True, we've seen a lot of fashion influencers wearing the same color handbag and shoes, but this isn't a fashion rule we have to follow, and it can be difficult to find the same color shade of shoes or handbag. That is why most savvy women opt for daring outfits with non-matching handbags and shoes.

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7. Shop wisely

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Spend your money wisely! Invest in a fashion item that will never go out of style and can be styled in a variety of ways, the majority of savvy girls shop wisely.

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