Some trends get tricky with hijab, and the off-the-shoulder tops trend is one of them! But, you know what they say, when there's a will, there's a way. Veiled ladies, you can certainly wear off-the-shoulder tops with hijab, and we've came up with a little style guide to help you. Read on to find out what are the dos and don'ts of wearing off-the-shoulder tops with hijab, and then go try out this super trendy summer look!

1. Consider the silhouette of your off-the-shoulder top.
Yes, you can wear off-the-shoulder tops with hiijab, however, not any top will work for you! When you're picking an off-the-shoulder top to wear with hijab, consider its silhouette. You want something that's layering-friendly, doesn't have a busy pattern, and not too tight. Be assured you'll find loads of off-the-shoulder tops that will give you a great look with your hijab, as they're a must-have this season and abundantly available in all shops.

2. Always, always, always layer with shirts!
That's the styling trick here for a great hijab look...always layer off-the-shoulder tops with shirts. The best shirts to layer with off-the-shoulder tops are white shirts and striped shirts. Go with white when the top is patterned, and choose a striped one if the top is plain; that way you'll create an interesting contrast in your layered hijab look. Make sure the shirt you pick fits you well, and that you can fully button it up.

3. Pick skinny jeans/pants for the ultimate look.
So, the foolproof formula to wear an off-the-shoulder top with hijab is quite easy... Layer it with a shirt, and pick a pair of skinny jeans/pants! Easy, right? Playing with proportions is absolutely the key for a balanced hijab look. You can also go for a long-line shirt/off-the-shoulder top combo with your skinny jeans/pants, for a more covered up hijab look.

4. Don't be afraid to accessorize.
Think that accessories will overload your look? Not at all; only if you pick the right accessories that will match your hijab look. For example, if your outfit is plain, then go for long necklaces, pendants and charms. Otherwise, you can skip the jewelry, and complete your hijab look with a pair of shoes or your favorite mini-bag.

P.S. When you're going for off-the-shoulder tops with hijab, pick a plain headscarf to achieve a simple yet stylish over-all look.

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @SaharFoad