Transitional weather can be confusing going into spring, especially with kids fashion. You want your kids to still stay warm, but also not get too iffy in thick winter clothing, with the weather getting warmer. There a few tips to help you transition your kids outfits from winter to spring. We also found some amazing kids outfit ideas to inspire you to find them the perfect warm spring outfit. 

1. Denim Jackets


Denim jackets are a perfect transitional piece. If it's a little chilly, it will help but it's also not too warming. It would be the perfect option over a sweater or hoodie. 

2. Keep a scarf with you

We suggest you always have a scarf on hand just in case it gets cold and windy all of a sudden, so you can protect them from a cold and keep their chest warm, if they don't have on a thick jacket. 

3. Dresses and Tights


For girls, this is the perfect spring outfit. Dresses are so cute for spring and to keep them warm, add a sweater underneath and cosy warm tights.

4. More Layers


You can add more layers and keep them thin so if it gets too warm and sunny you can take one or two off. You can even get them a thermal undershirt, so it keeps them warm all the way through, and you can start phasing out the very thick clothing items.

5. Less Layers


You can decrease the layers if it bothers them or irritates their skin and have them wear a really thick wind isolating coat on top, like a puffer jacket that you can zip all the way up to cover their throat and chest if it suddenly gets cold.

6. Florals and Colors


Spring is fun, so start dressing them up in more color, patterns or florals to enjoy the spring spirit. 

7. Cardigans & Hoodies


These are also a smart way to keep them warm with transitional lighter items. The will also help when it comes to layering. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @aldo_decaniz Via Instagram @evachen212