Many women almost lose hope in staying in style during pregnancy, believing that a baby bump can be a barrier against what they wish to wear. Well, that's totally not true! That's because fashion has hugely broadened its trend and fits for the past decade, fighting all the stereotypes that used to limit our clothing choices.

Well, even if pregnancy has caused you some weight gain, there is always something that will suit you, match your style and make you look even more sexier! For me, it's a matter of choice, and taking a risk. Yes, any woman can actually decide whether to enjoy the beautiful experience of having a baby or just keep focusing only on the hard parts of it. 

Today, we have an example of a woman that chose the first option, and rocked her pregnancy looks in different dress codes. Yes, you guessed right, it's Nancy Ajram. Let's have a look at how she aced both her casual wear and evening looks during her pregnancy.

All image credits: Instagram @nancyajram