Pacinthe Badran is a fashion designer, a stylist, an art director, co-founder of Two Owls productions, and last but not least, the title of a fashion/lifestyle blogger just got added to the mix with her newly launched website "Got It From My Mama"! So basically, she breathes fashion! Pacinthe Badran does all of this, while being a new mother, so we had a little chat with her to inspire all young mothers out there.

You’re a relatively new mother! How are you dealing with motherhood?

I am taking it day by day, second by second to be exact. I am trying to make it as easy as possible by not putting too much pressure on myself. There are good days and there are bad ones, but at the end of the day when you look at this tiny being 'in frustration' you realize that he's your greatest accomplishment in life, and nothing will ever top that! So suddenly all the distress evaporates, and you get that boost you need to start another positive day! It's not easy though!


We’ve checked your newly launched website “Got it from My Mama” and it’s really cool, why did you launch it?

I got the idea when I was in Milan last year; it's a fashion capital, you have to get inspired in a way or another right? And I just found out I was pregnant, so I knew I had to integrate motherhood with my fashion life just to make it fun for me! And then when I gave birth to my little boy, I started getting messages from expecting mothers, and new ones asking about outfit ideas to fit their body shapes, and questions about baby-handling matters. So I said to myself I have to really do it then! The mamas encouraged me.

Between running multiple fashionable jobs and being a mum, how do you manage to enjoy dressing up?

It's very easy to give up for sweatpants! So it takes effort to not give up on style for comfort with a hectic daily routine. My baby boy is regularly trying to choke me with my own necklaces, and getting dressed up became unpractical, but I've decided I wont give up on dressing up, I will fight till the end!


Any life-saving advice for wardrobe changes from “not pregnant” to “pregnant” and then “not pregnant” again?

Embrace the changes! For 18 months, your body will be in a continuous cycle of transformation. So with each transformation, adapt, it's fine. When at one point you find your pants' size changed three sizes bigger, it's okay. What you don't want is squeezing your butts up to a muffin top, trying to fit into your original size. It's all about the fit!

What are your fashion tips to women who just gave birth?

Keep wearing your maternity clothes. At least for the first month after giving birth. You'll get too excited after coming home from the hospital, you'll want to try out your favorite pieces that u gave up during pregnancy, you would think that you lost a lot of baby weight, but all you'll get is disappointment. The body will take at least nine more months to get back to how it was, almost. Add to your maternal outfits cool scarves to hide that "non" baby bump, and I wore cool statement accessories to grab the attention from that post baby derrière.

Did you quit heels when you were pregnant? Now with a baby boy, do you go for heels or flats?

During pregnancy, I turned it down a notch, not to kitten heels though, but after the baby boy it's flats all the way, sneakers baby!

Can you tell us what happened to your favorite handbags after having a baby?

They got dusty! Between having a baby on one arm and a diaper bag on another, there's pretty much no place for a handbag! A cross-body tiny one became the sensible option, where I don't need my hand.

Your baby boy is so cute! Do you have any style tips for mommies with baby boys who have no idea how to dress them up?

Thank you! Well baby boy clothes are easy, but styling them isn't, because they can easily look like an old guy in a polo shirt and jeans.

- Play around with what you have, get a pair of cool used jeans or even distressed, because why not! 

- Fold the pants in a cool messy way, and instead of wearing a button-up shirt, throw a t-shirt underneath and leave it open.

- Invest in one pair of cool shoes that passe par tout. You'll change sizes ever two months, so get one only.

Finally, do you have any beauty tips for working mums to look pretty in the morning, even though they only got few hours of sleep?

Yes! A tainted sunblock, it protects your skin from the evil rays and uni-tones it! Sunblock leaves you looking fresh with minimal effort, and then add bronzer, a lipstick and a black kohl, because who has time for an eyeliner! You're good to go! The whole routine takes about five minutes.

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