Dressing in one color from head to toe, might seem a little boring and dull for some, but think twice. It’s super easy to wear and style, and it’s so fun to mix different shades of the same color! Because who doesn’t like burgundy and dark red together?!

Aside from the fact that I'm very happy this fall to see some colors specially pink and mustard, a one color suit/outfit is a must have this season!

With this strategy, putting together an outfit has never been easier because you won’t have to worry if two pieces coordinate. Basically the sky is the limit when it comes to styling this trendy staple, and of course you know how much we love that!

One last thing for this trend is that it works for most body shapes, as it’s a one color without patterns!

Here you go some tips and tricks on how to pull off this look like a PRO!!

1- You can mix and match between different textures.

2- You can easily tone it up with your sparkling heels or down with your favorite white sneakers.

3- Never be afraid to mix different shades of the same color, even green polka-dots.

4- Your denim jeans can play the lead role in a blue color outfit!

5- Statement shoes over a monochromatic outfit will stand out, and it’s something that we can’t hide our excitement for! 

6- The monochromatic trend is great for hijabis, as they can play with their head scarves. They can either match it with the outfit and paly with accessories or choose a different shade of the color they are wearing! 

7- As this season’s snake’s skin pattern is really IN, matching your snake boots with your white outfit is HOT!

8- You can pair your one color suit with a graphic t-shirt and some sneakers for a more relaxed look.

9- The monochromatic look works with skirts, a pair of blue jeans or even your Pallazo pants!

10- Of course, the best monochromatic outfit of all is none other than black on black!!