Is your jewelry box always messy? Do you have a hard time untangling those necklaces and earrings? Have you ever lost an earring because you place them somewhere random as soon as you take them off? Then the DIY earrings holder is the answer to all your problems! With a few simple steps, you'll get to organize (and showcase!) your earrings, think of the DIY earrings holder as a framed work of art that you'll add to your bedroom.

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What you will need:

- Frame

- Lace fabric, or wire mesh, or plastic needlepoint canvas (just pick according to your preference)

- Super glue

- Scissors

- Hammer

- Wall nails


1. Start by removing the glass insert and back cover of the frame.

2. Place some old newspapers and set your workspace to avoid any mess.

3. You could use the frame as it is, or you could paint it in your preferred color.

4. Lay the frame on the lace fabric and then cut around the frame using the scissors.

5. Line up the corners of the lace fabric around the back corners of the frame and then secure using super glue. Make sure to pull the lace fabric tight while gluing, and then leave to dry.

6. Now it's time to trim the extra lace fabric for a neat finish.

7. Place your new DIY frame earrings holder on your bedroom vanity table, or you can hang it on the wall using nails and a hammer.

8. Hang your earrings and enjoy having them arranged! 

Main Image Photo Credits: You Want Me To Buy That?

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