With the summer approaching, it is time to prepare some funky accessories, and my favorite summer accessory has got to be sunglasses, embellished sunglasses actually. There is something about adding some embellishments to your sunglasses that make it fun, which is what summer is all about. No need to splurge with embellished sunglasses, after all you can do it yourself.

What you will need:



Glue gun

A pair of sunglasses

Embellishments of your choice

** You can choose basic crystals, sunflowers, skulls, metallic pins etc… 


1. Using the marker, place dots on the sunglasses of where you intend to stick the embellishments. You can mark the sides of your sunglasses, or the frames, or surrounding the glass. 

2. Once you have marked the sunglasses, it is time to use the super glue. Add small marks of glue on top of the black dots you marked on the glasses. 

3. Using the tweezers, snatch up one of the embellishments and place it on the glue. 

4. Use the tweezers to move the embellishments, to position it exactly where you like. 

5. Leave the sunglasses for about 20 minutes to dry, then wear them out. 

Tip: Be sure to do one frame at a time with the glue, so that it doesn't dry before you stick the embellishments. 

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