Dr. Hany Tarek of AsnanEgypt Discusses the Importance of Dental Health Care

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10/8/15, 12:00 AM

We know a confident smile is essential, that's why we met with Dr. Hany Tarek of AsnanEgypt, and we discussed the importance of dental health care. He's the man who can take your smile to the next level, so read on and find out more about Dr. Hany Tarek of AsnanEgypt. From how he started to the most common dental myths, keep scrolling and you'll know.

What inspired you to be a dentist?
I’ve always wanted to be a dentist. My father was my inspiration. Being a dentist, he used to bring home some plastic instruments and I used to role-play with my little brother dentist and patient. I used to love going to my father’s clinic, I even loved the smell of it. I always told my father that when I grew up I would take over his clinic.

Describe a typical day in the life of a dentist.
Well, the life of a dentist can be much harder and hectic than what most people would think. Our work requires very high level of concentration and physical ability. We usually work in the afternoons to receive our clients after their work, which can somehow affect our social life. Of course it’s very subjective, so speaking of myself, I teach in university during the day, and in the afternoons I work in my clinic. In my free time, I either go to the gym or work on my researches. I love enjoying my weekends; I would travel whenever I have the chance.

What is the GlamSmile, and how can anyone have it?
Glamsmile is the leading brand of cosmetic dentistry in Europe. It was developed in Europe over a decade ago with the goal of making a beautiful smile a possibility for anyone, with little or no discomfort and with the highest quality. Only recently has GlamSmile been finally introduced to the Egyptian market, allowing us to create stunning beautiful smiles in just two short visits.

Glamsmile's revolutionary super-strong porcelain veneers are much thinner than traditional veneers, almost as thin as contact lenses, and in most cases it doesn’t require painful and unnecessary removal of healthy tooth structure. It is the most conservative and accurate smile make-over one can have. It’s custom made for each patient to suit his needs and desires; from extremely natural look to the so-called Hollywood smile, everyone can get his dream smile without shaving his natural teeth, and without pain nor injections.

Glamsmile is only available through their studios worldwide to maintain its quality and reputation.

Can you share with us three dental care tips for healthy teeth?
1. I always say a dentist cannot brush your teeth for you, so my first tip would be brushing your teeth twice daily and to clean between your teeth either using normal floss or water floss. Water floss such as Waterpick is a device that cleans between your teeth using a strong stream of water. Brushing and flossing does not just keep your teeth healthy but your gums as well, and I think a beautiful healthy smile starts with the gums.

2. My second tip is to avoid sticky sugary food and bad eating and drinking habits. They can cause much more damage than you think. Each time we eat or drink substances containing sugar it shifts the PH of the mouth to acidic and keeps high caries activity for about 20 minutes.

3. My third tip would be visiting your dentist. Your home care is not a substitute for professional dental cleaning. The cleaning you do at your dentist aims to remove the hard deposits between your teeth and your gums called calculus, while teeth brushing and flossing aims to remove the plaque which is the slimy fuzzy coating you can feel sometimes when you run your tongue along the front surface of your teeth. Moreover during your cleaning visit, your dentist can discover any staring decay or disease you are not aware of.

Tell us the ultimate tip for a photogenic smile.
Well, everyone can safely do teeth whitening or bleaching for a bright nice smile. Gum depigmentation for people who have dark colored gums can turn into healthy pink color. And for women, dark colored lipstick would do a nice contrast and highlight the white color of your teeth.

True or False:
Whiter teeth are healthier teeth. False
Sugar is bad for your teeth. True
If your teeth don't hurt, then there's probably nothing wrong with them. False

A word of advice to anyone who's not confident because of bad teeth.
Your eyes and smile are the gate to your soul, and they are the first thing people notice when they first meet you. A lot of people who are not confident about their smile usually don’t know what to change to make it better. Visit your cosmetic dentist for a smile analysis, it’s our job, we can tell you what’s wrong with your smile and how to fix it. With the technology we have now, there is plenty of treatment options that can suit everyone.

If you could change the smile of a celebrity, who would it be?
Proudly, I have changed the smile of many Egyptian celebrities but my dream is to work on Steve Buscemi. He is one of my favorite actors, and he is definitely a challenging smile make-over case.

What's next for AsnanEgypt?
I cannot reveal to you a lot of information about that in the moment, but I can tell you that soon enough we might be introducing a new revolutionary system of super fast braces, and in the near future you may hear about AsnanSpain.



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