“I feel like I don’t have any energy left” a lot of us feel that way most of the time, we feel drained, stressed, and low on energy. We find it hard to have the motivation to do simple things or to be able to do things we once could do so easily. We know we’re not alone, and we must think about why this happens, does it have to do with our energy levels? Well, yes, it does. People should know how to re-charge their energy, in order to not just fully feel like the best version of themselves but also to be able to be productive or continue on with their day without feeling as if they are doing the hardest of tasks. That’s why we decided to talk to renowned Life Coach Marwa Fakher, who specializes in psychological resilience and strength. By this, Marwa attempts to aid those going through extremely difficult periods in their life to find peace and create a positive and impactful change in their lives. Basically, Marwa focuses on the energy of humans, how to channel it and recharge it so it is balanced with a positive outlook on life. 

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Before we share with you the details of how to charge your energy in general, we must first acknowledge that there are three separate types of energy to focus on. The physical, the mental and the emotional energy (the emotional energy acts as the driving force here, and affects the other two) Most of us discover our energy is low when we aren’t feeling the best, we are demotivated and just want to sit curled up in bed. The point is, we feel our energy level deteriorating before it does. Just how we know when our car's fuel is finishing, we should track and know when we’re mentally deteriorating too. You can also keep an eye out and know your energy level before it finishes up, and we’re here to learn about that today.

Firstly- What happens when a person runs out of energy?

The symptoms of being very low on energy or mentally exhausted vary from person to person, here we will go through the most common signs:

To each, the way in which we express ourselves emotionally differs from person to person. And there is no direct answer to this question. But there are signs of mental drainage that we should know. A mental breakdown and the communication of how stressed one is usually coming first, the person may start to cry, scream/shout, or get really quiet and shut down. Usually, when someone is breaking down the reason is unclear and the people around them are confused. 

One may even get physically exhausted as the body knows when the mind is not right, and it may lead to one going to the hospital or needing treatment. Due to mental exhaustion, people will lose motivation to do things or anything for that matter with passion, and instead are perceived as lazy, when really, they have lost all will, passion and interest and it’s out of their control. People may perceive the persons breakdown as sudden, but this means that the person themselves and those around them did not listen to the previous warning signs that this person wasn’t feeling well and is becoming extremely drained, they're energy is about to expire.

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Secondly, what are the signs that your or someone’s energy is about to run out? 

- The physical energy:

When the mind is projecting the struggles of the human being, it very often is projected through their ability to be active and energetic, or to be as excited as they used to be about things. Instead, you feel the feeling of laziness and lack of ability to put effort into things, sometimes it’s as if your mind is slower. Your body may project your mental struggles, your body may be tired, hurting, have headaches or have a change in a heartbeat.

- The mental energy:

The person will feel and practice the inability to make decisions, even if they are simple, they can’t think or analyze things anymore. They will also be forgetful, and not be able to concentrate properly on tasks, no matter how simple, enjoyable, or essential they are.

- The emotional energy:

This is where their character begins to shut down, and they are more to themselves and seem almost cold to people. They have an unwillingness to talk to people, especially about their own or other people’s issues, and may even push them away. At this stage, the mind is clouded with negative thoughts and self-blame that further initiate the feeling of not wanting to continue and put effort into life.

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3. What may be taking away from our energy that we don’t notice??

Our brains function in a very mysterious way, and our brain chemistry allows for there to be stimuli, that exhaust energy without us even feeling or noticing it. These stimuli can be divided into:

1- Physical: Wearing tight clothes, the heat or the cold, crowds and doing a lot of physical effort (heavy lifting for example while carrying something)

2- Mentally: Stressful work environments and continuous work without rest, one will begin to make mistakes within their work if they don’t relieve themselves or relax themselves of this pressure or stress, this is also due to a lack of ability to focus. Also, agreeing to everything or not saying no when you don’t feel like doing something. Finally, overthinking. Excessive thinking over things out of our control, or discussions with other people about heavy topics may drain our energy further.

3- Emotional: This is the one that affects us the most without realizing. Dealing with the people around us, in general, can be draining, especially for example if that person complains a lot. Being around people who criticize or judge a lot can be extremely draining, humans are compassionate by nature, you always feel as if your friends’ issues for example are your own.

4. Is there an exact approved way of energy drainage or energy recharging?

The correct answer is everyone’s mental process is different, and we can never say that one’s mental drainage is more or less concerning than the other, or that there is a specific way the person should react. There is no calculated way of energy recharging, everyone must stick to their own personal journey. They must be aware of it, know what it is and why (not just by listening to their feelings, but to their mind and body), as well as be able to communicate through it even if it’s not easy. One must know what personally drains their own energy and stay away from it, they have to know what is bothering or triggering them to this state. One must be conscious of their own state.

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5. How may one’s energy be recharged?

Before we talk about some things that may help someone either relieve themselves of a certain mood or relax them, we must realise that there are two very important things to be doing here. Firstly, we must think a lot about what it is, why its bothering us, and how some things are not changeable and to grow acceptance through time. As our anxieties and feelings further produce more negative emotions that drain us, we need to stick to the root of the problem first. Only then may we move on. Secondly, all energies are connected to one another and if the physical energy is exhausted so will the mental and emotional.

6. Finally, 11 tips from our Life Coach Marwa Fakher on recharging the energy:

1- We must realize the things that give us energy, and the things that drain our energy.

2- When planning your day or week, plan activities for yourself that will recharge you either emotionally, mentally, or physically. This includes reading, writing, sports or going out in nature.

3- Setting boundaries on emotionally draining scenarios (refuse your energy be drained, instead tell the person you don’t feel like talking about this)

4- Don’t hesitate in asking for help, everyone has at some point in time if not multiple times. It is neither embarrassing or something to be afraid of.

5- Change the idea that relaxing and down time including sleeping isn’t important, you need this to recharge and regain strength 

6- If you have different tasks to do per day at work or at home, take breaks in the middle to regain some energy

7- Start your day checking in with yourself (connect with yourself, see if you have any bottled-up emotions, etc.)

8- If you have difficulty understanding your own emotions or mood swings, seek help from a professional, a therapist or a psychiatrist. 

9- Determine how much energy you have, how much you can give and how much you need to keep for yourself.

10- Pay attention to the quality of the things you are putting in your body, such as food and drink

11- Exposure to the sun, fresh air, and nature. This is one of the best ways to get an energy recharge and feel reconnected with the elements of earth and life.