Just got married and you’re settling into your new home? I know that moving in could be overwhelming, so here's a kitchen checklist for your new home. I listed all the kitchen essentials you'll need for a fast and easy culinary experience. Don't feel lost because you're confronted with this new space that you have to fill with tools and equipment, just check out this kitchen checklist for your new home.

1. Clip-lock plastic boxes.

One of the most important items for your kitchen checklist, is a good set of clip-lock plastic boxes with different sizes. You'll use these to store the left-over food in the fridge. You'll also need zip-lock plastic bags, so you can store the meat and poultry, to keep them fresh and prevent Freon (fridge cool air) from leaving a taste and smell into your food.

2. Cooking pots. 

A set of cooking pots, that's preferably made of ceramic so your food doesn’t stick to the bottom. They’re also easy to clean and they’re healthy.

3. Set of pans.

You will also need a set of pans in two different sizes, a large one for frying and the medium size for stir-fry recipes. Also preferably, get ceramic pans. With time and experience you’ll know if you need more sizes, but for now just buy the essentials.

4. Sharp knives.

 Don’t be afraid to invest in a good quality set of sharp knives. Having a blunt knife can frustrate you and make your cooking experience the worst. You need to make everything easy, so you can enjoy cooking your meals at home.

5. Silicon heat resistant gloves.

 Forget about your mum’s old heat resistant fabric gloves, silicon heat resistant gloves are the new best thing. Tell your mom about it and she’ll be impressed and happy to use them. They’re more durable and they’re more effective.

6. Glass bowls.

What you need to put on your kitchen checklist for your new home, is a set of good glass bowls in many different sizes. You won’t believe their multiple uses while cooking, starting from mixing ingredients to serving the meal.

7. Cutting tray.

You will also need to buy a cutting tray. You can buy just one and use one side for meat and poultry, and the other side for vegetables. Or you can buy two cutting trays. The reason why you need to separate meat from vegetables, is that raw meat and poultry can cause salmonella poisoning if the surface was not cleaned properly.

8. Rubber Gloves.

Another important item on your kitchen checklist, is a pair of rubber gloves, so you don’t harm your hands while washing the dishes.

9. Washing brush.

You need a long washing brush for bottles and long glasses. You can also use it to clean the dishes before you put them in the washing machine too. Don't forget to get a set of sponges to scrub the dishes too.

10. Wooden spoons.

You will also need to buy a set of wooden spoons for cooking, to protect your pans and pots from scratching. Also get a can opener, grater, and a peeler. Measuring cups and spoons can be helpful so you can easily follow the recipes!

 11. Equipment.

For a well-equipped kitchen, here are some the important equipment you should have: Kitchen Machine, blender, electric kettle, microwave, toaster.

P.S. Don’t forget to place a hand wash and cream next to your sink, so you can apply it after washing the dishes.