Strong women don't just happen overnight; it takes courage and determination to become one. A strong woman is the kind of the woman who's confident, who knows she can succeed, and who also works hard to achieve her dreams without dimming any other person’s light. So, if you want to know how strong women make great first impressions, start reading, because actually, every woman can be able to make a great first impression.

1. The best dress a woman can wear is her confidence.

The moment you walk in, people can tell if you’re a confident person or not, so even if you feel intimidated or not confident enough, you can always fake it. You’ll eventually develop the self-confidence sense. It’s all in your head, and how you see and perceive yourself. This is the first step to make a great first impression.

2. Confidence is good, arrogance is not.

There’s a fine line between looking confident and sounding like an arrogant woman. While confidence can give you the amount of respect you seek, arrogance can give you an amount of negative feelings you really don’t want to deal with. Let go of arrogance, so you can make a great first impression.

3. Don’t slouch, and keep your back straight.

A person with a good posture has a lot to say, and gives the person in front of them a lot to wonder about. Other than confidence, a good body posture will help you make a great first impression, because it gives positive energy, and makes you look energetic. It also gives you a strong and straight forward personality. And this is an impression you’d want to last.

4. Be comfortable in your own skin, and avoid nervous movements.

To make a great first impression, you’d want a straight back and decent gestures, but you don’t want to look like a machine. So just take a moment to find a relaxing position or two you can sit in, and vary between them from time to time. Also, don’t try to bite your nails and cuticles, don’t play with your hair, basically, anything that would show that you’re nervous. Simple and decent hand gestures would be enough.

5. An effortless smile and eye contact are key to good communication.

If you’re sitting with someone looking straight into your eyes, and occasionally looking away, what would you think? You’d think that they care enough, and that they’re paying attention to you; it’s a sign of respect. If you have a problem looking people into their eyes, just look to their upper nose, they’ll think you’re making eye contact and it will make you less nervous. Smiling should not be forced, just make a gentle and effortless smile as a friendly sign, don’t show too much teeth.

6. Dress in something you like, but also appropriate for the place.

You should always follow the dress code to the place you’re heading to; it makes you look considerate and organized. You should also consider wearing something that you actually like and have tried before if you’re meeting someone for the first time. You need to make sure you know this outfit suits you best, and makes you feel comfortable, and that's one of the main things you can do to make a great first impression.

7. Take a refreshing shower, and don’t wear too much perfume.

Taking a shower and feeling refreshed before meeting someone for the first time boosts your self-confidence. Make sure that the perfume you wear isn't too strong or heavy in scent. You need to smell good, but an intense perfume can irritate the person sitting next to you.

8. Don’t give away/and or ask about personal information.

Small talk is good, and answering people’s questions is great, but remember this, when you give away too much personal information at first meetings and outings, you make people skeptical about you. Another major rule to make a great first impression, is to avoid gossip at all costs, you don’t want to be perceived as a gossiper. Also don’t ask about personal information, it’s good to show that you’re interested in knowing the person in front of you, but beware of reaching a point where they would think that you’re interfering in their lives.