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| by Nada Allam

How to Become a Morning Person

You’re probably thinking right now that you it is impossible to transform yourself and become a morning person. However, I am here to tell you that there is way to become a morning person, and all you need to start with is a little bit of determination.

1. End your relationship with the snooze button.

You need to know that the snooze button is probably the main reason why you are not a morning person. So, it is time to break-up with the snooze button and literally throw yourself off the bed the moment your alarm goes off. 

2. Take your time.

Waking up, rushing and running around is the worst way to start your morning. Set your alarm in a way that you have more than enough time to get ready, and have some ‘me’ time in the morning. Trust me, once you start doing this, you will look forward to the ‘me’ time.

3. Be exposed to the outdoors. 

One of the best ways to become a morning person, is to expose yourself to the outdoors. Open the windows, have your coffee on the terrace, soak up the sun and fresh air. It is much more appealing than sitting in a gloomy room.

4. Have a morning habit.

The trick to becoming a morning person is to enjoy it, and that happens when you have a morning habit that you love. It could be working out before work, catching up on emails or even watching some TV.

5. Know that washing your face does wonders.

One of the most important steps to become a morning person is to wash your face. It should be the first thing you do, as it will immediately wake you up, even if it is just a little, and make you feel fresh. 

6. Don’t lounge around in your pajamas.

The trick to becoming a morning person is to change out of your super comfy clothes and dress in a way that you are about to take over the world. Don’t go for a comfy pair of jeans, put in some effort and feel great about yourself.

7. Actually make yourself some breakfast.

Becoming a morning person starts with ditching the ‘on the go’ breakfasts. Squeeze yourself some fresh orange juice and chop up some fruits, and spoil yourself for breakfast.

8. Have something playing in the background.

A great thing to do in the morning is to have something in the background. You could play the news in the background or even some of your favorite songs to get you pumped in with a good mood to start the morning off the right way.

9. Do something relaxing before you sleep. 

Becoming a morning person has a lot to do with what you do the night before. Be sure to relax, read a book or even watch your favorite episode of 'Friends' so you can go to bed happy and relaxed. This will increase your chances of waking up in a good mood, ready to start the day.

10. Get enough sleep.

Of course, this is the most important tip to become a morning person. You need to load up on at least eight hours of sleep every night, to increase your chances of waking up the next morning relaxed and energetic.

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