How to Get Rid of the Cooking Smells in Your Home

Nancy Hennes
8/10/20, 12:00 AM

Have you ever before gone into your home and the first thing you smell is the scent of frying and cooking? Unfortunately it's not ideal, and it's especially hard when you have an open kitchen. So, how do you get rid of cooking odors? There are a few simple tips and steps that will help you get rid of cooking smells

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Cooking smells:

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The importance of a ventilator!

Exhaust fans, kitchen hoods and ventilation is really important in helping to get the air, that's saturated with the smell of grease, out of your kitchen. So make sure you turn it on before you start cooking or frying.

Orange and lemon peel

One of the most effective home tips for getting rid of food smell in your home is to put orange or lemon peel or both together in a pot with water and leave it on low heat for an hour, adding water whenever needed.

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Oil and food stains

Another important thing to know is that oil residues on the stove are one of the main causes of bad smells or food odor at home. Therefore, we recommend that you clean your kitchen and stove right after cooking, from any food or oil residues that accumulate, to reduce the spread of any odors at the home.

Scented candles

To combat the smell of food at home, light some scented candles or incense in the kitchen. It will help overcome any food or cooking smells.

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Clean up the fridge

Fridges really absorb food odors and you could notice that whenever you open the fridge, you'll find a weird smell. Make sure you clean your fridge on the inside on a weekly basis to avoid the accumulation of left over food smells.

Vanilla extract

If you want your home to smell like vanilla, there are two ways, either you bake a vanilla cake or cookies in the oven to turn around the smell in the kitchen or you can distribute cotton balls moistened in vanilla extract.

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Baking soda and cinnamon sticks

Just like orange and lemon, you can boil baking soda or cinnamon sticks and they will give you the same results, especially cinnamon sticks, they leave a very strong scent behind. 

Coffee and vinegar

If you don't want to have to turn on the stove again after you've finished frying or cooking, like the ideas above, you can spread around the kitchen small plates of ground coffee, vinegar or baking soda. Leave it overnight to absorb the scent.

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