A lot of people might think that celebrities have absolutely everything, whether from the psychological aspect or from the materialistic one. However, celebrities worldwide have been lately showing more confidence when it comes to embracing one's true self. Many public figures made strong and powerful statements about how it's never a shame to be/look different, and that diversity is actually what makes us, well... just us. We also witnessed a lot of Hollywood stars appear bare-faced or with heat-free hair. Also some of them intentionally wore clothes that revealed body scars or showed how curvy their bodies might be. Now, we watch Keira Knightley open up about her mental breakdown, and how she managed to overcome it to be able to show up on the red carpet.

Knightley openly spoke about her struggles with mental health in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. She said that undergoing hypnotherapy was actually what helped her become able to stand on the red carpet at the BAFTAs following her personal breakdown.


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Knightley stressed on the fact that without hypnotherapy, she could have been facing more pressure in her head on the red carpet. She also spoke about one of the reasons of this unstable mental state which was the downsides of fame. Knightley said that fame caused her to be followed by at least 20 guys 24/7 whether they were paparazzi or stalkers. She assured that no matter what the intentions were, this caused her unpleasant stalking situations and pressured her more. That's why she described fame as "strange".

The actress thinks she was lucky to have a career she could step back away from when she needed, a family which made her feel she had a strong back and a solid ground to stand on and enough amount of money to afford the treatment she needed. "I need this help; I could get this help; I want this help." This is what she told herself and how she approached therapy. She believed luck was by her side because she knew there were people out there who might have faced the same struggles but could neither find the money nor the family to support the therapy.

Keira has also been known for her strong support for the #metoo, however she claimed that her movie, Colette, was before the hashtag. "We filmed a year before that happened-" she said. She pointed out that Director Wash Westmoreland had been trying to get this film made for 15 years, but nobody was interested. She believes that feminism was suddenly allowed to be talked about again probably 10 years ago. That's why she thinks that it's not logical that it's an accident that culturally film makers could get money for stories tackling the matter, believing that something like #metoo happening at the same time for sure influenced the whole thing.

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