Year after year, Ramadan TV series are certainly a main reason behind the kick off of many well-known actors and actresses. Therefore, being able to make it to one of the hit TV series during Ramadan is a big opportunity for many to start a successful acting career, like Amina Khalil for example.

This brings us to introducing you to 12 new Egyptian actresses that have caught everyone's attention in Ramadan 2017. So, will they make it big, and get positive reviews? We guess we’ll have to wait until the end of Ramadan 2017 to know that!

1. Diana Hesham

Hana - El Hesab Yegmaa

2. Hend Abdel-Halim

Sherine Helmy - 30 Youm

Nancy Gamal - Taqet Nour

3. Huda El Mufty

Nadine - Haza Al-Masaa

4. Maha Nassar

Neama - Wahat Al-Ghoroob

5. Mayan El Sayed

Aiten Yehia - Zel Al Raeis

6. Mariam Alkhosht

Shahira - La Tottfea Al Shams

7. Miral Mahilian

Ingie El Mougie - Kalbash

8. Rakeen Saad

Malika - Wahat Al-Ghoroob

9. Salma Abu Deif

Toffee - La Tottfea Al-Shams

Alia - Halawat Al-Dounia

10. Sherine Abouel Ezz

Seham - Ard Gaw

11. Tharaa Goubail

Dalal - Kafr Delhab

12. Walaa Elshrif

Rehana - Kafr Delhab

Esraa - Asham Ibeess