It’s that time of the month when you start asking..."why me, why us?! And why that bad?" Let’s face it Periods are evil, they're really distressing and our lives were much easier before we had them. This is not me bringing you down but the best way to understand and embrace something is talking about it and sharing thoughts with those who go through the same thing. Yes, it's important to stay positive and embrace our womanhood, but sometimes we just need to let it all out and not be ashamed of how bad it feels to go through all of that. Now, from all the endless reasons why women hate their period, here are 13 that top the list:


I don’t even know where to begin, PMS usually begins a week before the period and tortures you until it arrives, because periods just love a dramatic entrance. First the physical symptoms like back pain, cramps, headaches, unexplained hunger, nausea, trouble sleeping, and agonizing breast pain that gets worse when you wear your bra.

2. PMS part 2

Now after you’ve eaten all that was in the fridge and had a dozen painkillers, it’s time for it to mess with your head and your mental health. From having a really bad temper and yelling to anyone who tries to talk to you, to thinking about quitting your job 10 times a day...Our hormones have the power to consume our day with feeling depressed and down and making us feel like it's the end of the world. Don't worry that's just part of the grand scheme! 

3. Those few extra pounds

Suddenly your jeans get tighter and the numbers multiply on the scale. But don't let it get to you, it's basically just water and other fluids trapped under your skin.

4. The Bloody Mess

Blood leaking to your clothes no matter how thick your pad is. We've all lost some of our favorite clothes over this. So, the next time your brand new jeans get stained, don't be sad it's just collateral damage.

5. Timing 

Showing up exactly on the time when it shouldn't be. Like, on the night of your big exam or on the day of your job interview or on your first date! 

6. Hide and Seek

If there's anything worse than your period, it's your period...not showing up. Now you go see a doctor to make sure everything's okay and hunt your period down.

7. Canceling Plans

Just think of how many plans you had to cancel because of your period. If I had a penny for every time that happened...I would gather enough money to buy me pads until my menopause.

8. The Flow

If you experience a heavy period then you know what I am talking about, that apocalyptic moment when you are out and it literally floods out of you and you have no idea what to do! I would say run for your life...

9. Embarrassment 

That hideous moment when you have to borrow a pad or run to the nearest store to get one because you ran out of your stash. Also, if you live where I live, they will give it to you in a black plastic bag! Lucky me!

10. Pads

Finding the right pad is like finding unicorns, it’s either too thin, too thick, irritates your sensitive skin, has lots of unsafe chemicals or is too expensive. You end compromising one thing for another.

11. Draining you out 

Periods are like vampires, when we get them we usually lose so much blood hemoglobin and for those with a heavy flow, they may get Anemia. Of course, we won't fight it with garlic and silver, I wish, but just make sure to eat healthily and take some iron pills if you need to.

12. Breakouts

It wouldn’t be your period if it didn’t cause breakouts on your face and remind you that flawless skin is something you can only dream of, or get a glimpse of before PMS starts to creep up on you again. 

13. Pigmentation

My period loves me so much that it leaves me souvenirs in the form of pigmentation and dark spots on my face that take months and months to fade away. Yay Me! 

This list can go on forever and ever and we could all think of tons of reasons why we hate our periods. However, let's try to remember to turn the perspective around a little, you can start to see that it's a constant reminder of how strong we are because at the end of the day we manage to survive all of it and not let anything stand in our way. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @ola.roshdy