The reason we all love yearly roundups is because it reminds us of the year the world has seen and what we took away from it as individuals, from the little things to the influential, inspiring moments. This has been a big year for the British Royal Family but around the globe and middle east we've witnessed moments that took their place in minds and stayed with us. These are our picks for the best royal moments of 2018. Stay tuned for more of our yearly roundups #FustanyWrapUp.

1. Princess Ayako marries for love

Japanese Princess Ayako of Takamado gave up her title and royal status to marry a commoner. On October 29th this year she married Kei Moriya. 'Love conquers all' might be a fairytale at most times but when the world sees a gesture as beautiful as this, it inspires many women and men to take a stand for what they believe in. Her strength and persistence is heartwarming and inspiring. 


2. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Everyone couldn't stop talking about the beauty and tear inducing moment of, not just when they got married, but when they were simply sitting down next to each other holding hands and glancing with love and joy. This was a royal moment everyone was touched by because of how simple, human and relatable it is.


3. Princess Salma of Jordan's Graduation

On May 22nd, Princess Salma bint Abdullah of Jordan, 17, graduated high school at the International Amman Academy. Her brother Crown Prince Hussein not only handed her the diploma but they also shared the cutest siblings handshake that got everyone 'Awwing' including myself. Take a look...

4. Princess Eugeinie's Wedding Dress

On her wedding day, the queen's grandaughter chose to make the most beautiful statement with her wedding dress. She chose a dress revealing a part of her back to highlight the importance of defeating unrealistic beauty ideals. 

“I had an operation when I was 12 on my back, and you’ll see on Friday [at the wedding], but it’s a lovely way to honor the people who looked after me and a way of standing up for young people who also go through this (Scoliosis).”

 “I think you can change the way beauty is, and you can show people your scars, and I think it’s really special to stand up for that.”


5. Prince Rashid Bin Mohammed's Grumpy Moment

Instagram's fan favorite Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum captured a moment we can all relate to on Sundays. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid with his grandson Rashid having a really bad day. The look on face is priceless and had everyone saying, "Us too Prince too."


6. Meghan Markle Breaking the Rules

We all know that royal protocol is strict in Britain even to the point of what nail polish the Duchess can have on. The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle looked incredible earlier this month while she presented her wedding dress designer and Givenchy's Creative Director Claire Waight Keller with the British Designer Womenswear award. Everyone couldn't help but notice that Meghan decided to ditch the pale pink and nude nail polish rules and went to a jet black one to elevate her outfit and highlight her gold bangles. Yes Meghan, we think fashion comes first too.


Image Credits: Getty Images

7. Queen Rania Keeping It Real

When Queen Rania wore a tracksuit, the world showed shock, happiness and respect. Her style is very much loved and influential, but showing people that even a queen needs casual days was very interesting to see. Besides being a very well fitted outfit, the heels also show that yes you can rock a tracksuit to dinner or board meeting and look strong as hell. 


8. Spanish Fairytale Waltz

Spanish Duke of Huéscar Fernando Fitz-James Stuart married his longtime partner and love Sofia Palazuelo Barroso in October. A video was shared on Instagram of them dancing and it was truly like looking into one of your favorite childhood fairytales. They moved harmoniously together and looking very elegant while still bringing us back to reality asthey were casually having a conversation during the dance.