It's either a hit or a miss when it comes to online dating. You hear all about the love stories that started with a single swipe, but you also hear about the creepy stories that no one wants to be put in. Online dating is portrayed in movies and television shows as being very common, but the reality is a little different. But can you really find your significant other online? Because it has been difficult to meet new people in the last year due to the pandemic, some people have started using dating apps, which is completely fine because, at the end of the day, some of us want our happy endings and some of us are trying to meet new people. We asked you on Instagram about your experience with online dating and what you thought of it, and here's what you had to say.

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1. Sometimes you can make friends rather than lovers

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A lot has changed in the last two years, and what was once normal for us is now something we consider before doing as a result of the pandemic. We stopped going out and socializing and instead quarantined ourselves at home, meeting people online or talking on the phone with our friends. It made it difficult for us to meet new people, and people began using online dating apps to make friends because they either had no luck finding a lover or felt they would be better as friends, but in either case, it's a great way to meet new people who share your interests.

My advice would be: Some people will judge you because you used a dating app, but honestly, it's 2021 and we don't have room for judgy people, and you may find that the friends you made online get you more than the friends you've had your entire life, but that's okay because they've seen a side of you that no one else has. and talking with a stranger is sometimes easier than talking with someone you know.

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2. Online dating is not for everyone

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Some of us find the idea of online dating a little frightening; it's like uploading a picture and not knowing who saw it and who didn't. You're not sure if the person you're talking with is the same person. And how would you know their true identity or whether they are telling the truth? But, when you think about it, most of our friends were strangers at first, but meeting them in school, university, or work made it less creepy. But if you don't know anything about the person behind the screen, you'll be scared, which is perfectly normal. However, if you ever consider it, be cautious when meeting them for the first time, and bring a friend with you so that you are not alone.

My advice would be: If you've seen Catfish on MTV, you'll understand the whole "who is the person behind the screen" thing. And, to be honest, we live in a world full of filters and photoshopped images, to the point where you can't tell who someone is in real life because of all the editing they do to their photos. And just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you have to try it too, but if it makes you uncomfortable, it's not for you. 

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3. There are a lot of creeps out there, so be careful

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We live in a world where creeps exist, and if you've tried online dating, you've probably had a few encounters with them. I'm not being judgmental, but this is a disadvantage of online dating. And you've probably heard or seen strange stories from your friends who tried online dating or from yourself, and it's something that most girls want to avoid. So be cautious about who you share your information with because you never know how creepy they are.

My advice would be: The downside of online dating is that you don't know much about the person you're talking to, so if you have a gut feeling that something isn't right, always trust your instincts. When it comes to online dating, it is always best to be extra cautious and avoid disclosing personal information such as where you live. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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4. It's a trial-and-error situation

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The happy side of online dating that most of us want to hear about is actually finding the right person. This gives most girls hope that good guys do exist and that some of them are hiding behind their screens, which is fine. If you are truly looking for love and choose to look for it online, keep in mind that it does not come easily. You will have to go on a few dates and meet a few people before you find a that person who you click with. It all comes down to patience and not sharing too much with the wrong person.

My advice would be: The lucky ones are those who find good people on dating apps, whether they are friends or lovers, but some people communicate better behind screens than in person because they are shy, and it takes them time to be themselves around you. As a result, a swipe helped them find the person they were looking for.