First off, let's start the article by telling you that one or two of those signs being present in your relationship does not mean he's cheating on you. Even though we might have started going a bit suspicious, but we don't want you to read those signs and automatically assume he's not being loyal. You have to know that once you start suspecting your man to be cheating on you, a lot of signs will be happening in your head or you'll even be interpreting half of what he's doing as being unfaithful. Please don't do that at all! Stick to rather tangible signs and the most important one would be you guys falling apart. You'll certainly take note when that happens. Below are 10 other signs and warnings he might be cheating on you:

1. Less Compliments, More Negatives.

You'll start hearing less of "You look gorgeous!" and more of "When will you ever stop doing that?" While we understand that with time the sparks in a relationship might burn out or be much less than they used to be, but you'll notice the difference. The things he used to compliment you about will decrease and he'll tend to focus more on the negatives or new things about you will start bothering him more than usual.

2. Less Sex.

If you've been married for a while you'll know by now his sex related habits, which means you'll also know when he starts wanting you less and hence less sex. While it might be something you're doing wrong or something other than cheating turning him off, it also might be a big warning he's cheating on you.

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3. Jumpy Cell Phone Habits.

This one is a killer! At the beginning of a relationship men tend to share more with you, whether it's about themselves or their friends and who they talk to often. He shares because he wants to. If you're suspecting him to be cheating, then start noticing how he acts around his mobile. Does he keep it away from you? Does he jump whenever he gets a call or a message? Does he delete conversations regularly especially with women you know he talks to regularly? Of course you'll know the answer to the third one only if he shows you what's going on over there.

4. He Can't Stop Talking About Her.

It's annoying we know! He has this close friend or a woman he recently met and for some reason her name comes up at least three times a day. Whether it's a story about work or a regular story he's just sharing and suddenly he mentions her again. Wondering why? When people like someone or are excited about someone being in their lives whether as regular friends or more they tend to share it out loud. Now it's your obligation to read between the lines smartly. A friend or could she turn into more?

5. Caring Less.

He starts caring less about your stories and the fine details of your life which were before super important to him. He also stops doing an effort to spend more time with you, whereas he used to do that before.

6. You're Not His Priority.

The thing about being deeply in love is your man will always put you as his priority especially when it comes to his other girl friends. When things start taking another turn and you feel you're coming in second place, that's when you need to start worrying a bit about it.

7. Guilt And Mood Swings.

You know Katy Perry's song "Hot and Cold"? Well, this is exactly how things will feel like. One minute he'll be extra nice (could be because of guilt) and the next he's very cold and perhaps mean towards you. You'll start getting the feeling that he's one foot in the relationship and the other out.

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8. More Work Trips.

He travels more often to work and never or barely suggests to take you with him. Yes, could be a warning or he's just the type of guy who likes some time apart to keep things exciting between both of you. It's up to you to tell the difference.

9. Change In Appearance.

He was never the gym guy nor the person who takes much care of himself and all of a sudden he starts picking up new habits and focuses on changing his appearance to the better. Just keep a close eye, might be a false alarm.

10. Less Affection.

If he was the affectionate type, the type who loves displaying the way he feels about you and all of a sudden he starts taking a distance then that's a definite warning there's something wrong. Usually the time he'll spend with you will be less than usual as well. Was it something you did or is he actually cheating?