Only very few people won't agree that coffee is most probably the most beautiful discovery. To me, coffee is a mixture of very beautiful things; I smell it and I am ready to start a productive day. The previous thought led to another one... What if I marry a coffee addict like me? So find out what it's really like to be in a relationship with a coffee addict.

1. A coffee addict can never skip their morning coffee, coffee always comes before anything. This will eventually make you spend every penny on coffee.

2. Supermarket shopping will always be about what’s the best coffee to get this time.

3. Holding a cup of coffee is like a permanent accessory, and they always have to have a favorite cup. Also, finding out about new coffee shops always makes their day.

4. You might usually find a coffee addict suffering from a headache midday, that’s probably because they’re craving their next cup of coffee.

5. Do you think a coffee addict enjoys a good night's sleep?

6. Coffee is just not enough; they have to try all other kinds, cappuccino, Frappuccino, espresso, mocha and coffee popsicles, any kind of coffee you can think of.

7. The best gift they can think about? A big box full of coffee beans, coffee flavors and different kinds of coffee they’ve never tried before.

8. Don’t worry if you find them nagging the waiter to get them their coffee fast.

9. They’ll probably refuse long outings in places that don’t serve coffee.

10. And oh, they’ll probably leave you mid shopping to go get their coffee.