Being the hostess on the first day of Ramadan is both thrilling and exhausting, especially when your in-laws are the guests. You have a huge responsibility to make sure that everything in your house is immaculate in addition to perfecting a delicious Iftar menu that will blow your guests’ minds. The problem is that when you decide on an oriental menu for Iftar, chances are your mother-in-law is already a genius (or so she thinks) in making such a menu. Moreover, when you decide to be innovative and create a menu inspired by international cuisine, she can very likely disapprove of the whole thing.

That’s why we decided to share unique Iftar menus with a twist that will truly fascinate your guests and make them delighted throughout the entire course. That said, let’s get into 11 amazing Iftar menus for the first day of Ramadan.

Menu 1

Soup: Lesan Asfour soup

Appetizer: stuffed grape leaves + meat rolls

Salad: Green salad

Main course: Orange duck + meat kebab casserole

Drinks: Hibiscus + Sobia

Dessert: Umm Ali

Menu 2

Soup: Chicken mushroom soup

Appetizer: French fries + chicken sambosak

Salad: Greek salad

Main course: Shish Tawook + vegetable basmati rice + oven barbecued ribs

Drinks: Milk with dates + Tamer Hindi

Dessert: Cheese Kunafa

Menu 3

Soup: Onion soup

Appetizer: Hawawshi + mashed potatoes

Salad: Creamy vegan pasta salad

Main course: 2-3 grilled chicken + beef okra stew + white rice

Drinks: Lemon mint + orange juice

Dessert: Qatayef with mixed nuts, custard, and cream

Menu 4

Soup: Mint zucchini soup

Appetizer: Stuffed zucchini boats + mint cheese qatayef

Salad: Pizza Hut potato salad + Tahini salad

Main course: Grilled Kofta + honey garlic chicken thighs

Drinks: Kharoub + Doum

Dessert: Nescafe cake

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Menu 5

Soup: Seafood soup

Appetizer: Kunafa shrimp + butter garlic crab sticks

Salad: Tuna salad

Main course: Lemon butter fish filet + Bolty fish casserole + saiadeya rice

Drinks: Hibiscus + fizzy drinks

Dessert: Milk pudding + rice pudding

Menu 6

Soup: Curried pumpkin coconut soap

Appetizer: Cheese and vegetable Goulash

Salad: Avocado corn salad

Main course: Pane chicken + chicken Negresco + Dawoud pasha kofta

Drinks: Mango juice + Coconut lemonade 

Dessert: Peanut cinnamon Kunafa

Menu 7

Soup: Carrot soup

Appetizer: Hash browns + cheesy bacon stuffed peppers

Salad: Caesar salad

Main course: Beef vegetable casserole + Potato chicken drum roll casserole + white rice

Drinks: Liquorice + Orange carrot juice

Dessert: Whipped cream fruit salad

Menu 8

Soup: Vegetable soup

Appetizer: Pizza rolls + spinach puff pastry

Salad: Mediterranean chickpea salad

Main course: Beef shawarma fattah + oven chicken kofta

Drinks: Fruit cocktail

Dessert: Qamar Al-Din pudding

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Menu 9

Soup: Chicken Enchilada soup

Appetizer: Beef quesadillas + Esquites (toasted corn)

Salad: Mexican chopped salad

Main course: Mexican honey lime grilled chicken, beef fajitas

Drinks: Mint lemonade + Sobia

Dessert: Chocolate cake

Menu 10

Soup: Chicken noodle soup

Appetizer: Potato pancake + oven baked chicken wings

Salad: Korean steamed eggplant

Main course: Roasted chicken + grilled beef ribs

Drinks: Flavored ice tea

Dessert: Crème caramel

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Menu 11

Soup: Tomato soup

Appetizer: Garlic bread + cheese sambosak

Salad: Coleslaw salad

Main course: Creamy mushroom piccata + butter chicken + white rice

Drinks: Qamar Al-Din + Dried fruit compote

Dessert: Zainab fingers + balah al-sham