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| by Nada Allam

10 Ways to Style Your Denim Jacket in the Winter

The chilly weather is tough, and it can be a challenge to stay warm and fashionable - at the same time. You need to layer up to keep yourself warm, but you want to avoid looking like a marshmallow! You could get tempted to try out different outfits, but you always end up wearing what keeps you warm the most. Though the denim jacket may not seem like your regular fashion go-to in the winter, I disagree. If you style your denim jacket the right way, you can keep yourself warm and look fabulous, even in this transitional weather

1. Hoodie under the jacket.

2. Tie it around your waist for that 90's look and wear it when you are cold.

3. Wear it with boots and a fluffy scarf or snood.

4. Layer it under a coat.

5. Wear it with a knitted pullover.

6. Go for several layers, such as a t-shirt, shirt, then denim jacket.

7. With a dress and tights.

8. Go for an oversized denim jacket to wear as many layers as possible . 

9. Pair it up with winter plaid shirts.

10. Wear it with whites for an all white winter look.

A style ideas feature is simply not complete without some visual aids! Here are some pictures and outfit inspirations, so get out your denim jacket and style it up this winter.

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