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| by Farida Abdel Malek

7 Tips on How to Wear Skirts in Winter Without Freezing

The a never ending battle between wanting to look incredibly chic in skirts and worrying about freezing your legs off is truly taunting. We recently got a question on Ask Fustany about how beautiful Parisian women walk around in short skirts in winter and the festive season without getting cold. We wanted to put it to the test, to look at the possible things you can do to keep your legs warm, and here's how to wear skirts in winter:

Note: Keep in mind, this might take some getting used to in the beginning, but after a while you can start to get accustomed to having your legs exposed during winter. 

1. Lotion

One of our team members suggested rubbing lotion on your legs before putting on tights or stockings. This really helped her brave the December cold in her Christmas dinner outfits. 

2. Thick Opaque Tights

I know some people might not think that thick opaque tights are that different warmth-wise from pantyhose or sheer leggings, but they really do make a hell of a difference. Especially if you buy ones made from thick materials.


3. Boots

Yes, thigh-high boots aren't just sexy, they can also keep your legs secure and warm, and they look incredible whether you go for a short skirt or a pantyhose.


4. Inner lining

Some boots have an inside lining of fur or thick thermal materials, these are great because they really do spread warmth through your legs. 

5. Upper Body Warmth

Sometimes having the upper half taken care of can minimize the coldness you feel in your legs. Wear really thick sweaters, thermal tank tops, scarves and a heat insulating coat or jacket so you can balance out the exposure from your legs. 


6. Wool Skirts

Try wearing a skirt made from a fabric that is really heat inducing, like wool. That way it does the job for you, and if it's not too short, you might even find you can get away with not wearing tights. 


7. Long Skirts

Style long skirts with boots so you can wear really thick tights or even leggings underneath to keep you warm. This way you get to wear a skirt and hide the extra layer underneath it. 


Main Image Credits: Instagram @aimeesong

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