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| by Farida Abdel Malek

How to Do Crown Braids to Get You Ready for Ramadan and the Hot Weather

As Ramadan approaches along with its ridiculously hot weather, us women like to have our hair out of our face as much as possible. However, the season if full of events and we still want to look cute and put together, not frustrated and sloppy so a crown braid sounds just about perfect. 

The crown braid can look as messy as you want and it would still be cute. You can even add accessories and flowers to it and with Ramadan's fashion, nothing is more fitting to the aesthetic. 

They could seem complicated so we found a tutorial by Cute Girls Hairstyles that shows how to do a basic crown braid and we know you'll be excited to try it. You can also find below some ideas of different crown braid styles if you want to master the skill.

Main Image Credits: Olivia Palermo 

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