I’ve always been the kind of person who lets out whatever she’s going through on her hair; be it haircuts or changing its color. Needless to say, this had a toll on my hair and how healthy it is, not to mention its shine. I’ve tried so many different products left and right, and every once in a while I come across one which ends up being a hit for my hair.

If I had to count the amount of times my mum would suggest I’d go for a hair mask, and I’d nod with the intention of doing it one day, but of course I end up forgetting. For someone who leads a busy lifestyle, you’d want to have the best of both worlds; in this case lovely, shiny hair but with the least amount of time spent on taking care of it. So when I read my colleague’s review about the Elvive Golden Mask, I was very tempted to give it a shot, mainly because I consider her a beauty guru. Another plus for me was that it contains jojoba oil which my hair loves.

I went home, bought one (it’s a budget-friendly product), and decided to give it a mini-try for the first time to see whether it fits me or not. Right before taking a shower, I applied a little bit of it on my hair, waited for an hour, and I could see afterwards that it did have the potential of working in my favor. 


The next time around, I wanted to listen to my mum’s advice and go full on with the hair mask, but I ended up coming from work pretty late. I usually like taking my showers early in the morning, instead of sleeping and ending up with messed up hair. You’d understand what I mean if you have wavy or curly hair. So instead, I thought I’d use the Elvive Golden Mask as an overnight hair mask. My hair falls right below my shoulders and on the thicker side so I applied what I would say is equivalent to one and a half Tbsp of the mask. I sectioned my hair to make sure it's all covered, and then rubbed it in. Next, I wrapped my hair in a small towel to get ready to sleep. Before, I could never sleep with something in my hair, mainly because I’m very picky with scents, but this one didn't bother me at all.

The next day, I woke up, took my shower and added a little bit of the mask at the ends again, as a conditioner (I only need to leave it for 3 minutes), and then once more a tiny bit while brushing my hair as a leave-in. What I would normally do afterwards is divide my hair into sections, and twirl or curl two sections together, tie up my hair (as if I’m tying up a braid) and leave it up until it dries a little bit. Once I feel that my hair is almost dry (that’s usually 4 hours later or so), I use my hand to detangle the sections of hair that were twirled, and I get a very awesome wavy look. What was different this time around however, was how shiny, soft and frizz free my hair was. I got compliments from both my mother, and grandmother (who rarely says my hair looks good), not to mention how fluffy my hair was. I like my hair to be pitch black, and finally finding a product that helps it be shiny and healthy looking, made me super happy.

Whenever I need to give my hair a boost in the morning, I also use the Elvive Golden mask as a regular cream. This product was and is a winner for me, because of the different ways I can use it; conditioner, leave-in conditioner, mask, final touches, and each time I’m guaranteed the right look I’m aiming for.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @belenhostalet