With women like Winnie Harlow, Halima Aden and Ashley Graham, we’ve been witnessing the fashion and beauty industry the past few years move forward towards showcasing the acceptance of oneself and breaking the rigid stereotypes of what it means to be beautiful.

During fashion week, Anna Wintour talked about how designers have finally started embracing the movement of redefining what it is to be a woman with words like: "You notice the person maybe a little bit more than you notice the clothes."

In this day and age the world is changing quickly and so is our definition of beauty. There are less clear cut trends and the new trend is YOU! A brand like Schwarzkopf has been promoting individuality and confidence for their 120 years of hair care and styling.

2018 is a milestone for Schwarzkopf. Through being inspired by natural beauty and real individuals, not just the runway, they started a new campaign. The #createyourstyle hashtag promotes women of all ages to present the best version of themselves and their individuality by expressing it in all ways possible and especially through their hair. Because style is a reflection of you, your passion for your hair can be a way to play around with your style according to your mood and the moments you feel the most beautiful.

Through their Gliss and Palette products, they encourage people to play around with color and express themselves through the hairstyles that reflects their true self the most. The photography for their campaigns too became more fun and diverse as they focus more on promoting “real” and fair representations, trying to minimize retouching and post production of their photos.

The revelation of having “real people” largely represent the fashion and beauty industry has become a powerful statement. Influencers are loved for being, despite their fame and success, very relatable people.

Hadia Ghaleb was invited to attend Schwarzkopf 120 years event in Berlin as one of the key and leading influencers within the region. Her approach to fashion was resisted by people because of their lack of understanding of her daring style, yet, her individuality and confidence was actually the tool that got her an entire following who admire and look up to her.

So, hats off to Schwarzkopf for #createyourstyle because nowadays, it is extremely important to raise the next generation in a world where they can find their true beauty and brave the world with confidence.