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Getting highlights isn’t that serious, but it’s important to make sure they’re done correctly to avoid any mishaps. Why is it important? Well, because it’s your hair and if you don’t take the correct precautions and measures to guarantee a satisfactory result, you might find yourself screaming in the mirror three hours later. You need to make sure you’re going to the person that is the best for what look you are trying to go for. It is also an option to do whatever you want to do with your hair at home, but it’s very difficult to do work on your hair without a professional, simply because you can’t reach but also you don’t know how to care for your hair like they do. It is also super important to keep your hair healthy, strong, and moisturized. And of course, to address any concerns you may have such as hair fall. Here’s a guide for hair highlights, and things to remember and consider when booking your appointment.

Why is checking the undertones of your skin important?

Checking your undertones before dying your hair is important because despite there being no such thing as this specifically would look good and this won’t, there are some precautions we can take to make sure we’re doing what’s best. For example, you could see a cool picture of a girl and be like I want her hair, but you don’t look like that girl nor will you after doing the same hair. It’s a matter of how to make it work for you. You could still do the same cut and color but consider which tint of the color you are using, or how flattering the cut will be for your face. The below are just basic guidelines for doing so.

hair highlights

Image credits: Elka Clinic

 - Pink undertones should avoid warmth in highlights.

- Those with green veins should opt for cooler tones like beige and sandy blondes.

- Those with blue can go for more golden, honey, and strawberry tones, as it’ll bring warmth.

- If your undertones are neutral, you can go for either or.

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How to prep your hair in advance:

Basically, you have to really take care of your hair. It's not that simple, but you get the idea. Know your hair type (straight/curly) or low or high porosity and know which ingredients are you supposed to be using. As a curly head, try and stay away from products with sulfates and silicones. Make sure your hair is plenty hydrated so that it is able to restore its health after bleaching. Double the amount of oil and leave in you usually use on your hair in the upcoming days before your appointment. With straight hair, we have it a little easier as heat and chemical damage shows a little less on our hair, but we should still follow the same principle of keeping your hair healthy period. Try and also avoid heat as much as possible.

The classic/balayage 

hair highlights

Image credits: Pinterest

This is the classic look that we think about when someone mentions highlights, we’ve all done it at some point. Whilst some of us have our horror stories, some liked how it made them look and many even embrace the look as their staple hair choice. It makes your hair look so luscious and multi-dimensional (if that makes any sense), glossy, and overall thicker. There are several types of classic highlights and balayage, regarding the color and tone, whilst there is classic balayage (standard light brown and blonde) there is also caramel and auburn. 

Advice from a girl in sweats: While doing balayage or classic highlights, it's super important to go to someone who’s known for how good they are. If you are brave enough to take a risk by going to someone and trying them out, good for you and we hope it works out. We don’t take any gambles here. Make sure to do your research and know what type of classic ombre look will look best on you.

Frontal chunky highlights

hair highlights

Image credits: Beyonce

This look is so edgy, we’re wondering why the last time we saw it before its comeback was in the late 90s and early 2000s. It’s one main highlight, but on the framing pieces of your hair at the front. This could be done in many shades of brown, blonde, ashy tones, or even greys and vibrant colors.

Advice from a girl in sweats: This one is the easiest one to do at home, literally. Make sure you have good bleach, and a friend, or your mum to companion you, divide the strands, and get going. In the case you do decide to do it for yourself, make sure you have a toning shampoo such as blue or purple shampoo for brassy tones.

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Low lights

hair highlights

Image credits: Pinterest

These are the more low-key version of the classic highlights/ balayage look. They’re soft and subtle yet add dimension to your hair all at once. These low lights, like any hair creation on this list, can be customized to your liking and choosing, you can pick any shade you want, it’s just that traditionally they are blonde or lighter than the rest of the hair. 

Advice from a girl in sweats: Make sure the tone and color of the low lights you want is fitting with what you want overall, as the results are very subtle, often people are disappointed with the result.

Chunky/streak highlights

hair highlights

Image credits: Ecemella

This one isn’t for the shy ones out there but is more daring and out there. Personally, this would have to be done well for me to be happy with the way it looks. The point of streaky highlights is well, to have several streaks of highlighted hair that almost appear chunky and extremely bold. This one isn’t for the light-hearted when it comes to hair.

Advice from a girl in sweats: Don’t be impulsive, think it through clearly and thoroughly. It’s not like your hair will be ruined; you could just dye it back if you don’t like the result, but why in the first place? Be assertive and know what you want first, and if you want streaky highlights to begin with.

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Brunettes with red highlights (auburn hair)

hair highlights

Image credits: Pinterest

This one is so pretty for me. It honestly gives me old Hollywood glamour vibes. This looks great on cooler undertones, but anyone can pull this one off if they’re confident. This is perfect for when you want a change as a brunette but don't want to go blonde for example.

Advice from a girl in sweats: Before you take the gamble, know and plan. Know what you’re going to look like, there are so many apps that do that for us now (Not that they’re accurate, but you get the overall idea of how it would look)

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hair highlights

Image credits: Hailey Bieber

I was surprised when I found out the blondes get highlights too, I know it sounds stupid, but it felt not logical to me, excuse my stupidity. But yeah, blondes often get honey or gold tones to enhance their natural Sunkissed hair. Which just makes so much sense now that we think about it right? Some blondes lighten their naturally light hair, whilst others prefer to tone and bleach to have a standard color.

Advice from a girl in sweats: I feel like this one’s foolproof, but to be safe just go to a good hairdresser, you don’t want random streaks of yellow brassy hair, but well-done low lights that complement your natural hair for example.


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