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| by Jasmine Kamal

These 5 People Should Avoid Zumba, Check This out Before Signing Up

We're always on the hunt for something new and exciting to try out. That's why when a new form of workouts rose to fame, everyone got curious to join in and try it out. Zumba became very popular a while back, I found myself surrounded my friends rushing to try out the new workout trend. I wanted to know the reason behind everyone's fascination, to find that it was rightly so. Zumba is a fun, easier way of getting your health and fitness in tact without the typical, sometimes boring, gym workouts. The exercise is full of energy and great music to hype you up and pump your adrenaline.

Even though I still haven't tried Zumba till this day, I remain very interested in it and read a lot about it. I was surprised to find out that not everyone can practice Zumba. Similarly to a lot of workouts, there are precautions that need to be made. A lot of my friends did not know about these conditions, so I decided to research it until I found that there are 5 people who shouldn't practice Zumba or at least should be careful and consult someone first:

1. If you suffer from back pain or any previous spinal chord injuries.

2. If you have heart problems. The effort exerted from dancing can harm you.

3. Senior age groups should take care if you're not used to exercising from a young age. 

4. If you have pain in your joints, especially the knees.

5. If you're not flexible at all, you can start off by easing your body back to flexibility with simple stretches and exercises to avoid any injuries. 

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