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| by Heba Abohemed

What a Warm Cup of Honey Water Can Do for You

You've probably heard this before a few times, that drinking a warm cup of water in the morning is actually very beneficial for your health. However, have you ever thought about sweetening up that cup of water with some honey? Do not underestimate how drinking a warm cup of honey water is very good for your skin and body, here are a few of its benefits.

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Losing Weight

You're probably thinking how can something as sweet as honey help you lose weight? Well, honey is made out of natural sweeteners like fructose and glucose, which provide the body with necessary calories without harm. So if you are on a strict diet and feel the need to load up on something sweet, or want some dessert, go for some warm honey water. It will fulfill your craving and fill you up. You can also substitute your sugar amount in your coffee and tea with spoonfuls of honey.

Helps with Indigestion

Having trouble digesting your big lunch? Go for a cup of warm honey water. It will reduce gastric pain, bloating, and any colon problems you may be experiencing.

Strengthens Your Immune System

Honey has the capability to overcome bacteria that may enter your body. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals that can strengthen your immune system. In addition to all that, it is filled with antioxidants which can help keep your health in tip top shape.


Drinking a warm cup of honey water is especially good during allergy season, so be sure to load up on that!

Gives you Energy

Feeling extra lazy lately and lacking energy? A warm cup of honey water is your solution. It will provide your body with the necessary sugar and carbohydrates to give you that boost of energy you are looking for.

The Best Natural Medicine

When you have a soar throat, they always tell you to load up on warm fluids. Try going for warm honey water, you will see a dramatic improvement in no time.

Food Poisoning

A warm cup of honey water is the perfect way to rid your body of any poisons. For an extra bonus add a few drops of lemon squeeze, as the citrus in the lemon will help the liver get rid of any bacteria. 

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