Gigi Hadid the supermodel and the social media star is a beauty icon that no one can deny! Known for her beautiful blonde locks and natural beauty looks I had to dig up some information to know what her beauty secrets are. In several interviews, Gigi Hadid shared her skincare routines, how she takes care of her hair and her favorite makeup tricks, so let’s find out more about them!

1. Gigi Hadid lives by her mother's secret beauty advice since a young age, “less is more, and to only use products of necessity.” Gigi barely wears any makeup while off photo-shoots and runway shows.

2. It looks like Gigi Hadid fights pimples and sudden breakouts the way every girl does in the world, she applies toothpaste so they can dry off over night.

3. Another secret beauty tip by Gigi Hadid is that she likes her eyebrows the natural shape, she doesn’t tweeze much.

4. If you’re wondering what kind of product Gigi Hadid uses to wash her face in the morning, it’s St. Ives Apricot Scrub. She said in several interviews that she likes to exfoliate her face in the morning for a radiant and soft looking skin.

5. Her ultimate beauty tip is that when she’s traveling, and that happens a lot, she’s always keeping facial cleansing wipes in her hand bag to refresh between flights.

6. Gigi’s secret beauty tip to get perfect looking lips is exfoliation, before applying any lipstick she exfoliates her lips to avoid chapped looking lips.

7.Gigi Hadid is a natural blonde, but she needs highlights to revive her hair color from time to time. So, here's how Gigi Hadid's beauty secret to beautiful hair color, she likes to do balayage because it takes less maintenance, meaning she can re-do it every six months.

8. Also Gigi Hadid's secret beauty tip is, like many celebrities, she doesn’t wash her hair every day, because it dries out her hair and makes it more fragile.

9. Gigi's beauty tip to save your favorite clothes is to wear a clear gel deodorant to avoid white stains.

10. As for times when she wears makeup, Gigi Hadid has some products that she prefers to use, like using aqua based foundation because it’s light and won't give your face a cakey look. She also uses Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Wear concealer to hide her blemishes.

11. As for her favorite mascara, Gigi Hadid uses Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Spectacular Volume & Curl Mascara in Black 090—the brush is bent.

12. Gigi Hadid also likes a little bit of contouring too. Learn how to contour over here.

13. If you’re looking for the perfect selfie, Gigi says there’s nothing like natural light, stand next to a window and take the selfie.

14. As for the secret to Gigi Hadid's killer figure is boxing. She was able to defend herself like a boss when she got attacked in Milan Fashion Week SS17.

15. One last thing, Gigi believes in clean eating, I guess she has to because she’s a model, but she also believes that having one burger and fries on the weekend will keep her sane.