Everyone is concerned with how they can apply false eyelashes, but what’s more important is how you’ll remove false eyelashes without causing damage to your real eyelashes.

False eyelash strips are beautiful, I know, but please, you need to remove them at the end of the day as you're removing your makeup. So let’s see how you can remove your false eyelashes, gently and without any pain.

1. Use makeup remover to remove false eyelashes.

Before washing your face, use a cotton pad to remove your makeup. And gently pass the makeup remover on your eyelids. Move it back and forth, to remove the mascara and the eye makeup in general.

2. Use coconut oil to remove false eyelashes.

By now, your eyelashes are supposed to be a little loose, so using another cotton pad and a drop or two of coconut oil, gently wipe your eyelids until the false eyelashes come out.

3. Wash your face with luke-warm water to remove false eyelashes.

If your false eyelashes are still hanging, don’t pull them! Just wash your face very gently with luke-warm water and a facial wash. The warm water will dissolve any traces of false eyelashes glue.

4. Moisturize your face very well after removing false eyelashes.

Makeup and makeup removers strip hydration away from your face, so you need to apply a moisturizer that is suitable for your face type after cleansing your face. I also suggest you put a drop of coconut oil on a cotton swab, and gently pass it on your eyelids, right above your natural eyelashes line.

5. Use a false eyelashes glue remover.

The one by one false eyelashes are fixed using a much stronger glue, so you’ll need to buy a false eyelashes glue remover, to avoid damaging your own eyelashes.