The most annoying thing that can happen to a lady is breaking a nail, right? Well, we decided to share with you 10 reasons why your nails keep breaking. Perhaps once you know why this annoying stunt happens, you will reduce your chances of brittle nails and can maintain the perfect overall look of your hands. So ladies, start taking notes on what can break your nails without you even noticing. 

1. One of the major reasons why your nails break constantly is due to anemia. Make sure to load up on iron, calcium and protein and be as healthy as possible. Your health affects your nails.

2. Dry nails are also a reason why your nails break a lot. Just like you hydrate your skin with water and lotion, you need to keep your nails hydrated to reduce chipping. 

3. Using nail polish remover can lead to brittle nails. Nail polish remover contains acetone, which can weaken the nails, thereby increasing your chances of breaking your nails.

4. Your nails are too long! Always file your nails to a suitable length, as long nails break much faster than short ones. 

5. Using your nails to open up sealed cans is probably the most common reason your nails break. Hint: Use a tissue to open up the sealed cans or boxes, it will reduce chances of brittle nails. 

6. Using your nails to scratch off vouchers or stains stuck to a surface is another reason why your nails may break a lot, as the constant scratching back and forth can weaken your nail. 

7. Subjecting your nails to too much water. For example, washing the dishes or hand-washing clothes without wearing gloves can weaken your nails leading to chipped nails. 

8. House work is actually another reason your nails can break, I am sure all you ladies can relate. Moving something heavy, pulling carpets, etc. Always be careful or wear gloves when doing house work.

9. Believe it or not, tidying up the bed is a reason you can break a nail. Making sure the bed sheets are tucked in under the mattress can totally chip your nail without you even noticing. 

10. Not filing your nails regularly is the most common reason your nails chip. Always remember long nails are weaker and more prone to break than short nails.