One of the many things Kylie Jenner is known for are her nails. Her nails are always on point with so many different styles of nail art that has fans digging to know who's behind her amazing nail art designs. She loves having long square nails with enough surface area for playing around and  a lot of creativity. As for how you can get some of Kylie Jenner's nail art designs, the tutorials below will help you out. 

Ombré Nails Inspired by Kylie Jenner

Ombré nail art needs long nails so that there is space for a beautiful transition between the colors. Kylie often chooses square nails with a rounded tips and ombré nails are perfect for that. Kylie likes to go big with her nails, so she usually goes for really bright neon ombré nail art, instead of the traditional nude.

Kylie Jenner's Mirror Chrome Nails


A while ago mirror chrome nails were all the rage and for a lot of people they still are. Kylie rocked these bold pink mirror chrome nails and they're not impossible to get. Here's a nail tutorial that will get you a very similar nail look.

Kylie Jenner's Neon Nails

Neon is really in right now, in makeup, fashion and nails for summer 2019. Neon nails are beautiful on a summer beach vacation, just find a neon nail polish of your liking, preferably gel nail polish, or hit the nail salon and show them Kylie's matte neon horizontal ombré nails.


Kylie Jenner's Star Nail Art


Kylie's love for nail art really shows with how she loves to experiment with bright and fun nail art designs. This cute neon start manicure is really fun and very doable, you can get start nail vinyls and easily do them yourself. Also watch the tutorial below to see how they're done. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @kyliejenner