Chic Minimalist Nail Art Inspiration For Your Next Manicure

Mariam Youssef
6/17/23, 5:00 PM

If you ask your older sister or mom about their idea of minimalist nail design 10 years ago, they would say either a French manicure or a nude polish. However, things have greatly changed now and the minimalist nails have an abundance of options. Simple, minimalist designs don’t have to be basic at all. Nail artists today are ready to execute any nail design you want be it a twist on a French manicure or a textured polish. That said, check out these minimalist nail art designs for your next manicure.

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Glazed Nails

One of the season's most popular manicure styles is the viral glazed donut nails made popular by Hailey Bieber. To achieve the desired aesthetic, paint your nails with a base layer of OPI Gel Color in Funny Bunny, followed by a top coat of OPI Chrome Effects in Tin Man Can. We all believe that this trend will continue for a considerable amount of time.

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White on White

For Jennifer Lopez, Tom Bachik produced this magnificent white-on-white design to wear for her marriage to Ben Affleck. Anyone looking to upgrade their manicure with subtle, hardly perceptible motifs will love this milky white, monochromatic polish with minimalist nail art.

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Diamond Dust Cuffs

Actress Julia Garner requested this stunning, straightforward, yet dramatic manicure from famous nail artist Betina Goldstein to wear at the 2021 Met Gala. We adore how this style uses just a touch of silver glitter, which unquestionably gives an otherwise bare manicure a glamorous boost.

Single Jewel

You don't have to fully give up the diamonds if you prefer a little amount of sparkle and shine but don't want your nails to be extremely heavily embellished. We adore how each nail base has a single jewel placed in the middle of it. The single jewel pops when it is attached to a natural nail, without being overly decorated.

Marble Nails

By including a hint of marble print, you may transform a plain pink manicure into something more romantic. We adore how the pink and white finish is subtly blended to give the appearance of marble. You may still look great in the neutral color you like while also introducing some personality.

Daisy Embellishments

You may instantly change the mood of your neutral manicure by adding a few tiny daisies. We love the way this nail design changes up the appearance by placing a small bouquet of flowers on one nail and single flowers on the others. To add a tiny pop of color and a whimsical touch to your manicure, you can experiment with the flower arrangement and apply as many or as few flowers as you desire.

Swirl It Up

You can keep your nails subtle with just a hint of pattern flare by painting some white swirls on a nude background. If you prefer to keep your nail art subtle but still want to have some fun with it, this design's simplicity works. If you want to make the look more neutral, keep the nail art white. If you want to be more daring, try different colors.

Twisted French

We adore this variation on the traditional French manicure. Instead of coating the tips white, a thin line of glitter on top of a neutral foundation fashions a chic curve. It turns the style from traditional to distinctive. It is attractive and functional, and it may be worn to the workplace, out in the street, or in school.

Dotted French

It's obvious that the French manicure has given nail artists a lot of inspiration to develop fresh and alluring styles. If glitter isn't your style, add a few metallic polka dots across the base coat and the light white tips of your manicure around the curvature of your nail. This results in a subdued, distinctive aesthetic that is rooted in tradition.

Ombre French

There are countless methods to modernize the traditional French manicure, as we've seen. We enjoy how the Ombre effect completely boosts the appearance. Anyone who enjoys the traditional French manicure but prefers to avoid the generally harsh lines can use this manicure. The Ombre effect gives the appearance a lot of softness.

Gold Flakes

If you want to adopt the 'less is more' manicure trend but don't want a plain appearance, gold flakes might help you achieve your goal. We adore how this manicure transforms from straightforward and nice to have a wow effect with the addition of a few tiny gold flakes to each nail.

Going for minimalist nails doesn’t mean being basic at all! Use these inspirations to choose your next nail design for your coming manicure. Which one is your favorite?

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