5 Nail Polish Colors That Will Give a Statement to Any Basic Outfit

Salma Khattab
12/31/18, 12:00 AM

Don't we usually run out of time while we're getting ready for an outing, that we forget to have our nails painted in some color? We've all been there! We also exert the greatest effort thinking what to wear, and how to accessorize our outfits perfectly. We overlook the fact that not only necklaces and earrings are the clothes game changers, and that nail polishes can actually ace that too!

Thinking of it as an extra tip or a trivial step in any outfit preparation, we tend to forget how effective a nail polish color can be! A very basic plain outfit can turn into a sexy one if you just added red nail polish to the over all look. Meanwhile, if you have white-colored nails, you will boost a morning casual outfit which will make you in no need of any other accessory. Check these colors that will save you a lot of time and effort when you're getting ready for your next outing.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @byrdiebeauty


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Salma Khattab

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