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| by Jasmine Kamal

Try out This New Jelly Nail Trend for a Yummy Summer Look

Taking care of your nails and how great they look is one of the most refreshing feelings. That's why a lot of us like to take extra care of our nails' health and have fun with nail polish options, colors and designs. This season a new nail trend has come to the surface that you might be interested to try out.

Jelly Nails are all the rage this summer 2018. This trend is all about nail polish shades that have jelly bright colors. The jelly effect is not just from the colors but the look itself. Jelly nails are transparent to give the ultimate jelly-like look.

There are several colors you can play around with and make your pick by taking a look at this new trend below. Will you be showing off your jelly nails this summer?

Main Image credits: Instagram @jessicawashick

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