When I think of simple homemade beauty tips, I automatically remember the old-school beauty tips I learned from my grandma. Women back then didn't have all the beauty products we have nowadays, however, they always managed to look absolutely good with minimum effort. I think that's why they say grandmas know best. I took a look back at the beauty and skincare tips I learned from my grandma, and decided to share them with you...

1. For natural looking curls, rolling your hair during sleep can transform your bed hair into natural looking curls as if you just walked out of a hair salon.

2. Dry brushing, the old-fashioned way of exfoliating your skin, is apparently the secret to gorgeous looking skin according to my grandma. Did you know that this is also Miranda Kerr's secret to gorgeous skin? Way to go grandma!

3. Another beauty tip I learned from my grandma, is that Vaseline should be my best friend. My grandma didn't not only use it to moisturize her elbows and knees, but also she taught me that Vaseline can work as an excellent makeup remover.

4. Apply moisturizer/cream before you head to bed and wear socks and gloves after application, to wake up with gorgeous skin.

5. Satin pillow cases are the secret behind every good hair day. Since silk pillow cases are super soft, there will be almost no friction against your hair strands, unlike cotton pillow cases. Consider switching!

6. For those puffy mornings, cucumber or cold tea bags on eyes can work perfectly to calm down your swollen eyes. Thanks to grandma, this is my go-to tip to avoid red puffy eyes.

7. It’s all about the food! My grandma always advised me that a balanced diet can always reflect on my skin and beauty in general. I'm quite aware that my grandma didn't have energy drinks, sodas or the amount of sugar-loaded drinks we have, so it's definitely harder nowadays. However, you should always manage to trick yourself into drinking more water and include more fruits and veggies in your diet.

8. Simple things to find on your shelves like olive oil, baby powder and rose water can seriously do wonders to your beauty routine. Olive oil is marvelous for your hair, baby powder can substitute your dry shampoo and rose water can work as a makeup sealer.

9. Brushing your hair with a wooden comb is the best for your hair. My grandma always taught me that plastic and metal combs are rough on my scalp. On the other hand, wooden combs are softer and more polished. Did you know that they also prevent your hair from drying out because they distribute the oils in your scalp perfectly?

10. The best lesson I learned from my grandma is to 'always stay moisturized'. Be it summer or winter, moisturizing your skin is the best way to keep it glowing!

Photo Credits: About.com