Instagram beauty bloggers are an infinite encyclopedia of valuable information. These ladies have changed many people’s lives with their content, hacks and tips and so I’m sharing them with you.

Beauty bloggers can teach us in 2 videos what we can learn in 2 years. 


Let’s start with the basics. Farah Dhukai is an Indian beauty DIY queen, born and raised in Canada. Dedicating her life to her social media accounts, Farah posts almost daily to tell her 6.5 million followers about her regular routines.

Check her page for beauty DIY tutorials are demos of teeth-whitening, face-plumping masks, hair-growth hacks, how to get rid of acne and blackheads, how to have longer lashes, and much more. 

After years of DIY experimenting, she shares her valuable secrets and hacks with her followers. 


From a curly-hair girl like myself, I can tell you maintaining healthy curly hair is hard work. But it’s totally worth every single pound spent and back bent. 

Like many Middle-Eastern ladies, Dina Ghalwash has struggled with curly hair for a long time till she’s finally managed to pull it off. 

Dina has 68.3K followers on her Instagram page ‘Curly Talks’ where she shares the best products for defined and healthier curls encouraging heat-free methods. 

Dina also presents other people’s curly stories and tells us their journeys which I think is very empowering.


There are different curly-hair textures, and for every type, there is a different set of products and routines. Jana El Sayed tells her 12.9K followers about her journey to having healthy hair.  Jana shares with her followers the best curly-hair products and demonstrates exactly how and when she uses them with the exact quantity and how she styles her hair. 

She also talks about DIY scalp exfoliation, oil baths, tea rinses, hair growth natural products, ‘no-poo’ methods, and a lot more.


For a more interestingly complex hair texture, Janely tells her 114K followers all about intense hair growth. A girl with tight curls would know that this is not an easy mission. It’s a life-long commitment of dedication and patience. 

Janely has many crazy curly DIY hacks like making natural hair shampoos, conditioners, all the way to making DIY temporary hair dye. 


I came across this aesthetically pleasing and attractive page that really caught my attention. Ritual of Me posts close-ups on what she calls ‘beauty textures’. Presenting products of many different types like scrubs, masks, makeup, nail polish, and more. 

Rituals of Me features international brands like NARS cosmetics, Fresh Beauty, Necessaire, Biologique Recherche, iS CLINICAL, Gisou, and a lot more. You’ll find details about products’ locations, code numbers, and tags.


Skincare and makeup are Gurung Diipa’s life. This beauty guru has created a cosmetic brand of her own called Pari that designs deluxe makeup brushes. 

On her personal account, she posts skincare tutorials on how she applies and removes her makeup efficiently to maintain fresh, young skin and a glowy look.

I wish I could fit all the bloggers that I love in one article, but if you love reading about beauty products follow Fustany Tried It and get some information about the products you were curious about.